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Website NameContact
Facilities Event Support970- 491-0108
Facilities Management970- 491-0099
FACT (Fair Advocates for Cultural Truth) (Student Organizations Search)
Faculty and Staff Resources970- 491-2658
Faculty Council970- 491-5693
Faculty email lists (Email lists for faculty and staff)970- 491-1128
Faculty/Staff Study Privilege 970- 491-4860
Family & Consumer Sciences Organization (Student Organizations Search)
Family & Consumer Sciences, Program of Study970- 495-1096
FAMweb970- 491-7276
FarmHouse Fraternity (Student Organizations Search)
Fashion Group International - FGI (Student Organizations Search)
FastPrint970- 491-5553
Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) (Student Organizations Search)
Fencing Club (Student Organizations Search)
Field Hockey (Sport Clubs)970- 491-3973
Field Hockey (Student Organizations Search)
Film Group (Student Organizations Search)
Final Examinations970- 491-4860
Finance Club (Student Organizations Search)
Finance Real Estate, Department of970- 491-5062
Financial Aid (Student Financial Services)970- 491-6321
Find Electronic Resources and Databases970- 491-1847
Finding Racial and Economic Equality (FREE) (Student Organizations Search)
Fire and Emergency Services Administration970- 491-1907
Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Department of970- 491-5020
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility970- 491-0961
Fluorescence Microscopy (Microscope Imaging Network)970- 491-6096
Food Processing Support Services 970- 491-3874
Food Science and Human Nutrition, Department of970- 491-3663
Food Services970- 491-6511
Force ROTC (Student Organizations Search)
Foreign Languages & Literature, Department of970- 491-6141
Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department970- 491-6911
Forest and Shade Tree Health Lab970- 491-6274
Forestry (Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department)970- 491-6911
Foundation, Colorado State University (Colorado State University Foundation)970- 491-7135
Fraternity & Sorority Life (Colorado State Fraternity & Sorority life)970- 491-0966
Front Range Student Ecology Symposium (Student Organizations Search)
Future Students (Admissions)970- 491-6909