The list below contains commonly used acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms used at Colorado State University. If information about an entry is incorrect or missing, request a change.

Acronym List

Acronym, Abbreviation, InitialismMeaning
AAAlumni Association
AACAcademic Advancement Center
AACDAmerian Association for Counseling and Development
AACRAOAmerican Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers
AACSBAmerican Association of Colleges & Schools of Business
AASCUAmerican Association of State Colleges & University
ABCAg Business Center
ACACAcademic Computing & Advisory Committee
ACCAnimal Cancer Center
ACEAmerican Council on Education
ACEDAssociation of Conference and Events Directors International
ACHAutomated Clearinghouse
ACNSAcademic Computing & Networking Services
ACPAcquisition Card Program (ACARD)
ACPAAmerican College Personnel Association
ACTAmerican College Testing
ACTFLAmerican Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
ACTPAmerican College Testing Program
ACU-IAssociation of College Unions - International
ACUAAdvisory Committee on Undergraduate Affairs
ACUAAssociation of College & University Auditors
ACUHO-IAssociation of College and University Housing Offices - International
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
ADANXAdministration Annex
ADCArts Display Committee
ADLAnimal Disease Lab
AEDAutomated External Defibrillator
AEPAcademic Enrichment Program
AERCAgricultural Engineering Research Center
AESAgricultural Experiment Station
AFAcademic Faculty
AFEAuthorization for Expenditure
AFPAdult Fitness Program
AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corp
AIDLArthropod-Borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory
AIRIEApplied Isotope Research for Industry and the Environment
AISSArgus Institute Support Service
AIUPAmerican International Universities Program
ALDERAlder Hall
ALLIAllison Hall
AMMNSAmmons Hall
ANDRWMosman (Andrews) House
ANRPLAnimal Reproduction Lab (Stallion Laboratory)
ANSCIAnimal Sciences
APAccounts Payable
APAAmerican Psychological Association
APACCAsian and Pacific American Cultural Center
APAICAcademic Program Assessment & Improvement Committee
APCAdministrative Professional Council
APHIAnimal Population Health Institute
APHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APUCAccessibility Project User Committee
ARBLAnimal Reproduction & Biotechnology Laboratory
ARCLBArchaeology Lab
ARDECAgricultural Research Development & Educational Center
ARLAccess Rights List
AROTCArmy Reserve Officer Training Corp
ARTVisual Arts
ASAPAssociated Students and Activities Programming
ASCAcademic Success Coordinator
ASCSUAssociated Students of CSU
ASFAssignable Square Feet
ASSCAcademic Support Subcommittee
ATCIRATS/CIRA Research Center
ATRCAssistive Technology Resource Center
ATSCIAtmospheric Science
AUCCAll University Core Curriculum
AVPIITAssociated Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology
AYLESAylesworth Hall
B&FPBudgets & Financial Planning (Committee of the Faculty Council)
B&FSBusiness and Financial Services
BAACCBlack/African American Cultural Center
BCRBudget Change Request
BEEPBike Enforcement and Education Program
BHSCIBehavioral Sciences Building
BIDSBidders Information Distribution System
BMPBest Management Practices
BOGBoard of Governors
BRAIBraiden Hall
BRBBio-environmental Research Building
BRMBusiness Reply Mail
BRSFBiosciences Research Support Foundation
BSBBehavioral Sciences Building
BSPMBioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
BSSBlack Student Services
C2D2Colorado Center for Drug Recovery
C&RChange & Reform
CAAGCollege and Administration Advisory Group
CADDComputer-aided Drafting & Design
CADRECenter of the Analysis of the Dynamics of Regional Ecosystems
CANCollege Access Network
CAPCommittee on Academic Planning
CAPCampus Administrative Portal
CAPACCampus Administrative Processing Advisory Council
CARLColorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CARLColorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership program
CASCollege of Agricultural Sciences
CASAThe Center for Advising and Student Achievement
CASAECenter for Applied Studies in American Ethnicity
CASECenter for Applied Statistical Expertise
CASECouncil for Advancement and Support of Education
CATComputer Applications Training
CBCColorado Bioprocessing Center
CCCapital Construction
CCCCenter for Collaborative Conservation
CCFCash Construction Fund
CCFLTColorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
CCHEColorado Commission of Higher Education
CCICampus Computing Initiative
CCICColorado Crime Information Center
CCPCenter for Community Participation (Occupational Therapy Dept.)
CCSCommunications and Creative Services (formerly University Relations)
CDCCenter for Disease Control
CDCCapital Development Committee
CDHColorado Department of Health
CDHEColorado Department of Higher Education
CDOWColorado Division of Wildlife
CECivil Engineering
CEAOCenter for Educational Access and Outreach
CEASCivil Emergency Alert System
CEISSCenter for Engineering Infrastructure and Sciences in Space
CEMMLCenter for Environmental Management of Military Lands
CERAMCenter for Ecological Risk Assessment and Management
CERLCollege Engineering Research Lab
CERTCouncil of Energy Resource Tribes
CESClassroom Equipment Services
CETTCenter for Environmental Toxicology and Technology
CFPEColorado Federation of Public Employees
CFRCorporate and Foundation Relations
CHHSCollege of Health and Human Sciences
CHSColorado Historical Society
CHSCHAColumbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging
CICSUConfucius Institute at Colorado State University
CIDConsortium for International Development
CIFCentral Instrument Facility
CIIMColorado Institute for Irrigation Management
CIIPEColorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition
CIOSUCenters, Institutes, and Other Special Units
CIPClassification of Instructional Program
CIPPColorado Institute of Public Policy
CIRACooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
CIRBColorado Institute for Research in Biotechnology
CISCampus Information System
CITACCollege Information Technology Administrators Council
CLACollege of Liberal Arts
CLARKAndrew G. Clark Building
CLEPCollege-Level Examination Program
CLPCommunity Liaison Program
CMControlled Maintenance
CMECColorado Manufacturing Extension Center
CMMAPCenter for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes
CMSClassroom Media Services
CNHPColorado Natural Heritage Program
CNRCollege of Natural Resources
CNRLComputer Networking Research Laboratory
CNSCollege of Natural Sciences
CO-LINCCooperative Leadership in Networking Colorado
COAMPColorado Alliance for Minority Participation
COBCollege of Business
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (of 1985)
CODCouncil of Deans
COFCollege Opportunity Fund
COFRSColorado Financial Reporting System
COGRCouncil on Governmental Relations
COGSAMCenter of Geospatial Science and Modeling
COLACommittee on Liberal Arts
CoNTTFCommittee on Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (FC)
CoPIRGColorado Public Interest Research Group
COPsCertificates of Participation
CORBCorbett Hall
CoRSAFCommittee on the Responsibilities & Standing of Academic Faculty (FC)
CoSFPCommittee on Strategic and Financial Planning (FC)
COTIPColorado Transportation Information Program
CPCommand Post
CPALICenter for Pedagogical Advancement and Learning Investigation
CPCClassified Personnel Council
CPDCenter for Public Deliberation
CPEFAColorado Post Secondary Educational Facilities Authority
CPGCivil Preparedness Guide
CPHACenter for Public History and Archaeology
CRACourse Request Analysis
CRBClassroom Review Board
CRDCColorado Research Development Corporation
CRGComputing Resources Group
CRHLCollaborative Radiological Health Laboratory
CRSColorado Revised Statutes
CSComputer Science
CSCComputer Support Coordinator
CSECUColorado State Employees Credit Union
CSFSColorado State Forest Service
CSMAColorado State Managers Association
CSMATECenter for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education
CSOCampus Safety Officer (student "yellow jacket" security personnel)
CSPColorado State Patrol
CSRISCenter for Stabilization and Reuse of Important Structures
CSUColorado State University
CSUAAColorado State University Alumni Association
CSUABColorado State University Activities Board
CSUEXTColorado State University Extension
CSUFColorado State University Foundation
CSUIITE [CSUITE]Colorado State University Information Instructional Technology in Education
CSUNColorado State University Network for Learning
CSUPDColorado State University Police Department
CSURFColorado State University Research Foundation
CSURIColorado State University Research Institute
CSUSColorado State University System
CTLCenter for Teaching and Learning
CTSClassroom Technical Services
CTVCampus Television
CUCCredit Union of Colorado
CUPACollege & University Personnel Association
CVBConvention and Visitor Bureau
CVMBSCollege of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
CWIColorado Water Institute
DACDiversity Advisory Committee
DAISDevelopment and Advancement Information Services
DAREDepartment of Agricultural and Resource Economics
DARSDegree Audit Reports
DASDivision of Administrative Services
DAYPDrugs, Alcohol and You Program
DCEDivision of Continuing Education
DCPDefined Contribution Plan
DDHDDeans, Directors, and Department Heads
DEODepartmental Executive Officer
DEPTDiversity Evaluation Planning Team
DISData and Information Systems
DISCOOracleÕs Discoverer Plus reporting tool, which is used to access the ODS
DLDiagnostic Lab
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOLDog Off Leash
DOWDepartment of Wildlife
DPCDepartment Property Contact
DPODepartmental Purchase Order
DRMDivision of Risk Management
DSADivision of Student Affairs
DUODivision of University Operations
DURRLDurrell Center
DURWDurward Hall
DWRCDenver Wildlife Research Center
E&GEducation & General
EACREquipment Accountability Change Request
EAPEmployee Assistance Program
EAREquipment Acquisition Request
EBAEducational Business Activity
EBCExecutive Budget Committee
EBSEmergency Broadcast System
ECCEarly Childhood Center
ECEElectrical & Computer Engineering
ECOEnvironmental/Community Outreach
EDU.S. Department of Education
EDDYWillard O. Eddy Hall
EDPMSUS Department of Education Payment Mgmt System
EDUCEducation Building
EDWSEdwards Hall
EFNEPExtension Food Nutrition Education Program
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EHSEnvironmental Health Services
EICElectronic Information Center
EIDElectronic Identification
ELCEnvironmental Learning Center (includes Visitor Center)
EMBAExecutive Master of Business Administration
EMCElectron Microscopy Center
EMDEmergency Medical Dispatch
EMTEmergency Management Team
ENGRCDaryl B. Simons Building at the ERC
ENHLTEnvironmental Health Building
ENSRPrivate company with building at Foothills Campus
ENVSTCenter for Environmental Toxicology & Technology (Environmental Stress)
EOEqual Opportunity
EOCEmergency Operation Center
EOPEmergency Operation Plan
EORCEquine Orthopaedic Research Center
EPICEdora Pool & Ice Center
EPOEvents Planning Office
EQCTRB.W. Pickett Equine Center
ERAMCenter For Ecological Risk Assessment and Management
ERCEngineering Research Center
ERCEngineering Research Center
ERHSEnvironmental and Radiological Health Sciences
ERLEquine Reproduction Laboratory
ESEnrollment Services
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ETEmbryo Transfer
ETExpense Transfer
ETRCEquine Teaching and Research Center
FAFinancial Aid
FAFire Alarm
FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aid
FASFinancial Accounting Standards
FASBFinancial Accounting Standard Board
FBCFaculty Benefits Committee
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FBPFaculty Benefit Pay
FCFaculty Council
FCHSOld Fort Collins High School
FCHSXOld Fort Collins High School - Annex
FCPSFort Collins Police Services
FDDLFluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory
FDSFamily and Developmental Studies
FDSLPFederal Direct Student Loan Program
FEAFederal Executives Association
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FERPAFamily Educational Rights & Privacy Act
FFELFederal Family Education Loan
FIField Interview Card (a card has been made on that person in suspicious circumstance, etc)
FICFacility Improvement Committee
FLSAFair Labor Standards Act
FMELFire Economics & Management Laboratory
FMLAFamily and Medical Leave Act
FOBFreight on Board
FPIFinancial Procedures Instructions
FPSFederal Protective Service (covers some of our federal buildings)
FRCCFront Range Community College
FRSDepartment of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
FRWSDepartment of Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Stewardship
FSHNFood Science and Human Nutrition
FSNEPFood Stamp Nutrition Education Program
FTEFull Time Employment
G-WAVEGround Water Advanced Visualization and Engineering Computer Laboratory
GAGraduate Assistant
GASAGreeks Against Sexual Assault
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board
GCCGeneral Catalog and Curriculum
GDPEGraduate Degree Program in Ecology
GDPPHGraduate Degree Program in Public Health
GEDGeneral Educational Development Test
GFAGeneral Faculty Appointment
GIAMGeospatial Information, Analysis and Modeling
GIBNSL. L. Gibbons
GISGeospacial Information Systems/Geospatial Information Systems/Geospacial Information Systems
GLBTGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Center
GLOVREngineering South/Glover
GMATGraduate Management Aptitude Test
GOAGone On Arrival
GOFGeneral Operating Fund
GPAGrade Point Average
GPACGreat Plains Agriculture Council
GRAGraduate Research Assistant
GREGraduate Records Exam
GREEGreen Hall
GSBGeneral Services Building
GSCGraduate Student Council
GSFGross Square Feet
GTAGraduate Teaching Assistant
GUESTGranting University Enrollment for a Specific Term
GUGHMGuggenheim Hall
GUIDEGaining Understanding through Involvement, Diversity, and Education
GUIDEGateway to University and Individual Degree Evaluation
HABICHuman-Animal Bond In Colorado
HALHazards Assessment Laboratory
HASCHigh Ability Student Recruitment
HBRBHistoric Building Review Board
HDFSHuman Development and Family Studies
HDNRHuman Dimensions of Natural Resources
HDSHousing and Dining Services
HEALHealth Education Assistance Loan
HELMHelmshire Hall
HESHealth and Exercise Science
HFRLHuman Factors Research Laboratory
HHSHealth and Human Services
HHSHartshorn Health Services
HI-CAHSHigh Plains Inter-Mountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety
HISHospital Information System
HPLHealth Professional Loan Program
HPRLHuman Performance Research Laboratory
HRSHuman Resource Services
HRTGHUniversity Greenhouses
HRTSOHort. Quonset-South
HSCHousing Services Center
HUBCalled HUB simply because it is the central service point for juveniles in Ft. Collins
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IAQIndoor Air Quality
IBCInstitutional Biosafety Committee
ICIncident Commander
ICARDInternational Center of Agricultural & Resource Development
ICRIndirect Cost Recovery
ICSInstitute for Computational Studies
ICSIncident Command System
IDAInfectious Disease Annex
IDRCInfectious Disease Research Center
IDSIntegrated Decision Support
IEPIntensive English Program
IFBInvitation for Bid
IISDInternational Institute for Sustainable Development
ILEInstitute for Livestock and the Environment
IMPIndividualized Mathematics Program
INAIntrusion Alarm
INCEIntituto Nacional de Cooperacian Educativa
INDSCIndustrial Sciences
INGEIngersoll Hall
INSImmigration and Naturalization Service
IPImplementation Plan
IPEImplementation Plan Element
IPMIntegrated Pest Management
IRInstitutional Research
IRBInstitutional Review Board
IRCIngersoll Residential College
IRCAImmigration Reform and Control Act
IRMIntegrated Resource Management (see also WCIRM)
IRSInternal Revenue Service
ISInformation Systems
IS&T [IST]Information Science & Technology
ISFNRInternational School of Forestry and Natural Resources
ISISIntegrated Student Information System
ISLABIndustrial Sciences Laboratory
ISSSInternational Student and Scholar Services
ISTecInterdisciplinary Studies Program in Information Science and Technology
ISWRInternational School for Water Resources
ITECInformation Technology Executive Committee
IUACIntra-University Academic Council
JBCJoint Budget Committee
JICJoint Information Center
JNTHRJohnson Hall
JOCJoint Operations Center
JTCJournalism and Technical Communication
KCSUUniversity FM Radio Station
KSKey Strategies
LACLearning Assistance Center
LANLocal Area Network
LARLaboratory Animal Resources
LAURLLaurel Hall
LCAPLarimer County Animal Protection
LCSDLarimer County Sheriff Department
LCSOLarimer County Sheriff's Office
LDMSLong Distance Management System
LFLLarval Fish Laboratory
LIBRYMorgan Library
LOALeave of Absence
LORYLory Student Center
LRPLong Range Plan
LSCLory Student Center
LTDLong Term Disability
MAMTECMid-America Manufacturing Technology Center
MECManufacturing Excellence Center
MEUMind Extension University
MFTMarriage and Family Therapy
MILAXMilitary Annex
MILCInternational House
MILSCMilitary Sciences
MIPMicrobiology, Immunology and Pathology
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MRBMolecular Radiological Biosciences
MRBSCMolecular & Radiological Biosciences
MTDDMusic, Theater, and Dance Department
MWCMountain West Conference
NACANational Association of Campus Activities
NACADANational Academic Advising Association
NACASNational Association of College Auxiliary Services
NACCNative American Cultural Center
NACENational Association of Colleges and Employers
NACUBONational Association of College & University Business Officers
NAFSANational Association of Foreign Students Affairs: Association of International Educators
NAHLNThe National Animal Health Laboratory Network
NASEAANational Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
NASPANational Association of Student Personnel Administrators
NASULGCNational Association of State Universities & Land Grant Colleges
NATRSNatural Resources
NAWASNational Warning System
NBLGSummit Hall
NCANorth Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association
NCDRCNorthern Colorado Demonstration and Research Center (Farm)
NCENational Council of Education
NCESCNational Center for Education Studies Classification
NCPGFNational Center for Postsecondary Governance & Finance
NCVECSNational Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety
NDCNot Detox Criteria (checked on an intoxicated person but they didn't need to go to the Island Grove Detox)
NEONew Employee Orientation
NEQINational Educational Quality Improvement Task Force
NESBNatural & Environmental Services Building
NESBNatural & Environmental Science Building
NEWSNewsom Hall
NIGPNational Institute of Governmental Purchasing
NIMSNational Incident Management System
NIRSANational Intramural and Recreational Sports Association
NMRNuclear Magnetic Resonance
NODANational Orientation Directors Association
NRANon-Resident Alien
NRELNatural Resource Ecology Lab
NREMNatural Resources & Environmental Education
NRRCNatural Resources Research Center
NRRLNatural Resources Research Lab
NRRLNatural Resources Research Lab
NRRTNatural Resource Recreation and Tourism
NSEENational Society for Experiential Education
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSSLNational Seed Storage Laboratory
NTSNon-Traditional Student
NTTNon Tenure Track
NTUNational Technological University
NUCEANational University Continuing Education Association
NWRCNational Wildlife Research Center
OAPOutdoor Adventure Program
OBOffice of Budgets
OBRLOrthopedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory
OBSRVMadison Macdonald Observatory
OCCTHOccupational Therapy Building
OCEOther Current Expenditures
OCSOffice of Conference Services
OCSSOff-Campus Student Services
ODSOperational Data Store
OEDOffice of Economic Development
OEODOffice of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
OHSSOccupational Health and Safety Section
OIPOffice of International Programs
OITOffice of Information Technology
OMBOffice of Management & Budget
OPCOffice of Policy and Compliance
OPMOffice of Parking Management (Now Univ. Parking Svcs.)
OSPOffice of Sponsored Programs
OSPBOffice of State Planning & Budgets
OTTOther Than Tuition
OWPSOffice of WomenÕs Programs and Studies
P/AVPProvost/ Academic Vice President
PACPersonal Access Code
PACParking Advisory Committee
PACSPicture Archive and Communication System
PACTRPalmer Center
PARMParmelee Hall
PASPersonnel Action Sheet
PASSProvost's Advisory Committee on Student Success
PBPPlanning & Budget Process
PDCPhysical Development Committee
PDIProfessional Development Institute
PDPPhysical Development Plan (related to the PDC - Physical Development Committee)
PDQPosition Description Questionnaire
PECCPoudre Emergency Communications Center
PERAPublic Employee's Retirement Association
PERCPlant Environment Research Center
PFAPoudre Fire Authority
PFAPrivatization for America, Inc.
PIPrincipal Investigator
PIDPersonal Identification Number
PIDCProgram Improvement Data Center
PIUPublic Information Unit
PLLABSage Hall
PLSCIPlant Sciences
PLUSParent's Loan for Dependent Students
POPurchase Order
PPDAPast Period Distribution Adjustment
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
PRPurchase Requisition
PREPPolicy, Risk, and Environmental Programs
PRISMPlan for Researching Improvement & Supporting Mission
PRSEProgram of Research and Scholarly Excellence
PTEPart Time Employment
PTSHDPotting Shed
PVHPoudre Valley Hospital
PVMProfessional Veterinary Medicine
PVWDRPotato Virus/Weed Research
RACESRadio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
RALResources for Adult Learners
RAMResponsible Alcohol Management
RBLRegional Biocontainment Laboratory
RCEResearch Center for Excellence
RCKWLRockwell Hall
RCKWLWRockwell Hall - West
RDSResources for Disabled Students
REDDIReport Every Drunk Driver Immediately (statewide program)
REOReal Estate Office
REUResearch Experience for Undergraduates
RFARequest for Adjustment
RFPRequest for Proposal
RIResident Instruction
RICResearch Innovation Center
RICResearch Institute of Colorado
RICROResearch Integrity and Compliance Review Office
RISRadiology Information System
RLGResearch Libraries Group
RMBORocky Mountain Business Officers
RMESRocky Mountain Experiment Station
RMGPSRocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association
RMIBRRocky Mountain Institute for Biosecurity Research
RMRCERocky Mountain Regional Center of Excellence
ROTCReserve Officer Training Corp
ROUTTRoutt Hall
RPResponsible Person
S&PStandard & Poors
SAAFSTSouth African Association for Food Science & Technology
SACStudent Alumni Connection
SACUBOSouthern Association of Colleges & University Business Officers
SAGEStudent Alliance for Gender Education
SAHEStudent Affairs in Higher Education
SAPPSmall Animal Program Plan
SARStudent Accounts Receivable
SARASmall Animal Research Annex
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
SAUSpecial Academic Unit
SBAState Board of Agriculture
SBMESchool of Biomedical Engineering
SCFSpecial Course Fee
SCGYMSouth College Avenue Gymn
SCHStudent Credit Hour
SCHPStudent Credit Hour Production
SCPState Classified Personnel
SEALSolar Energy Applications Laboratory
SEDCStudent Employees Defined Contributions Plan (for Retirement)
Seed LabGenetic Repository Building
SERPStudent Employee Retirement Plan
SEUSupport & Events Unit (student foot patrol officers)
SFRBStudent Fee Review Board
SICSchool is Cool
SIPService Integration Project
SLiCEStudent Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement
SLSStudent Legal Services
SLSSupplemental Loan for Students
SMLABAtmospheric Sci. Simulation Lab
SMPSimultaneous Membership Program
SMQSystems Maintenance Questionnaire
SOESSchool of Occupational and Education Studies
SOGESSchool of Global Environmental Sustainability
SOPStandard Operating Procedures
SPCStrategic Planning Committee
SPPStrategic Planning Process
SRASalary Reduction Agreement
SSSport Science Complex (Moby)
STAIRStudents Accessing Information Resources
STATStatistics Building
STCTRStudent Center (Lory)
STDShort Term Disability
STKPVStock Judging Pavilion
SURGEState University Resources in Graduate Education
SWCOLTSouthwest Conference on Language Teaching
TATraffic Accident
TADTurn-Around Document
TCTraffic Citation
TCIIPTechnical Committee for Information and Instruction Planning
TDPTransportation Development Plan
TDRTour of Duty Report (or the activities for any day/date)
TETravel Expense
TECTri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research
TEEPTraffic Education and Enforcement Program
TESTelecommunications Extended Studies
TIAA-CREFTeachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund
TILTThe Institute for Learning and Teaching
TMITranslational Medicine Institute
TODTraining & Organizational Development
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language
TPAThird Party Administrators
TTCTechnology Training Center
UAUniversity Advancement
UBCUniversity Benefits Committee
UCUniversity Club
UCAUniversity Center for the Arts (Old Ft. Collins High School)
UCARUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UCCUniversity Counseling Center
UCCUniversity Curriculum Committee
UDCUniversity Development Corporation
UEOUniversity Employee Orientation
UFFABUniversity Facility Fee Advisory Board
UHPUniversity Honors Program
UNEOUniversity New Employee Orientation
UNVSCUniversity Services Center
UPCUniversity Program Council
UPCATUniversity Planning Council Advisory Team
UPSUniversity Parking Services
USCUniversity of Southern Colorado
USCUniversity Services Center
USDAUS Department of Agriculture
USEAGUniversity Special Events Advisory Group
USGSUS Geological Survey
USN&WRUS News & World Report
USPUniversity Strategic Plan
USPUniversity Studies Program
UTFABUniversity Technology Fee Advisory Board
UTLUnable to Locate
UTVUniversal Travel Voucher
UVUniversity Village
UVEUniversity Village East
VATVictim Assistance Team
VDLVeterinary Diagnostic Lab
VETTHJames L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital
VIPSVolunteers in Public Schools
VMBSVeterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
VMBSVeterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
VOCEDVocational Education
VPASVice President for Administrative Services
VPASVice President for Administrative Services
VPDVice President for Diversity
VPDVice President for Diversity
VPEAVice President for Enrollment and Access
VPEAVice President for Enrollment and Access
VPFAVice President for Finance and Administration
VPFAVice Provost for Faculty Affairs
VPFAVice President for Finance and Administration
VPGAVice Provost for Graduate Affairs
VPO&SPVice Provost for Outreach and Strategic Partnerships
VPOFVice President for Finance
VPRVice President for Research
VPSAVice President for Student Affairs
VPUAVice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
VPUAVice President for University Operations
VPUOVice President for University Operations
VTHVeterinary Teaching Hospital
WAAESDWestern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors
WACUBONational Association of College & University Business Officers Western Region
WANWide Area Network
WCIRMWarner College Integrated Resource Management (see also IRM)
WEBERLouis R. Weber
WESTWestfall Hall
WESTFIREWestern Forest Fire Research Center
WICHEWestern Interstate Commission for Higher Education
WUEWestern Undergraduate Exchange Program
YATESAlbert C. Yates Hall