• "This is my art."

    Sophomore McKenna Elias, Garment and Modeling Committee Chair, prepares for the Spring Fashion Show this Friday.

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  • The Lucas Suazo Factor

    The Lucas Suazo Factor

    Everyone who knows Lucas Suazo brags about Lucas Suazo -- except Lucas Suazo. He's a Boettcher Scholar, a President's Leadership Program Scholar, an Honors Program student, a researcher, an athlete, and a leader. And he does it all while managing Crohn's disease.

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  • CSU First to Earn STARS Platinum Rating for Sustainability

    CSU First to Earn STARS Platinum Rating for Sustainability

    Colorado State has a long history as one of the nation's most sustainable universities, but now CSU the first and only campus to achieve platinum status -- the highest possible -- under the STARS rating system.

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  • Better Paws for Brutus

    Better Paws for Brutus

    When Brutus was just a puppy, his breeder left the young Rottweiler outside in freezing temperatures. The pup suffered frostbite in all four paws, and the breeder tried to salvage the puppy's paws with an at-home amputation. Brutus was maimed and could not walk without pain.

    Now 2 years old, Brutus is living with a dedicated foster owner and has become the second dog ever known to receive four prosthetic limbs.

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  • Where Do Tuition Dollars Go?

    Where Do Tuition Dollars Go?

    Paying for college can be a challenge for many Colorado students and their families. In a new video, President Tony Frank and artist Karina Mullen, a CSU graduate, explain the costs covered by tuition and fees, the financial contribution made by the state, and the return on investment the typical student may see.

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