• Powerhouse Energy Campus

    Powerhouse Energy Campus

    Eighteen months after construction started to expand the Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, the project is now complete. The $18.5 million, 65,000-square-foot addition has transformed the 430 N. College Ave. site into the CSU Powerhouse Energy Campus.

    13 Facts About the Powerhouse Energy Campus

  • 2014 Best Teacher Award Winners

    2014 Best Teacher Award Winners

    Each year, students and alumni have an opportunity to recognize the positive impact a Colorado State University teacher has had on their lives. From numerous nominations, six teachers were selected by a committee.

    This year's Best Teachers will be recognized at an awards dinner on Monday, April 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the Drake Centre.

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  • Colorado State University Launches International Center

    Colorado State University Launches International Center

    The center, located in Todos Santos, Mexico, will provide expanded opportunity for CSU students and faculty to participate in international scientific and cultural exchange experiences as well as teaching, research and service learning experiences focused on issues such as water, agriculture, wildlife ecology, veterinary medicine, public health and environmental & social sustainability.

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  • Fighting to Save a Species

    Fighting to Save a Species

    George Wittemyer has spent the past 16 years intimately studying the ecology, social structure and habitat use of elephant populations in Samburu, Kenya. In 2009, his research took a tragic turn as a poaching epidemic fueled by demand for ivory began sweeping the region and the entire continent.

    More About Wittemyer's Research

  • Leading the Way in Science Education

    Leading the Way in Science Education

    The Little Shop of Physics, an interactive traveling science program, develops creative ways to share the wonders of science with thousands of children throughout Colorado, the U.S. and abroad. Since 1991, the program has reached more than 275,000 students through in-class and online experiments.

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