Dr. Michael H. Thaut, PhD

Dr. Gerald C. McIntosh, MD



Scientific Director, Center for Biomedical Research in Music  
Professor of Music
Professor of Neuroscience

Medical Director, Center for Biomedical Research in Music
Chief of Medicine, Poudre Valley Hospital
Medical Director, Center for Neurorehabilitation Services
Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology   


Program Coordinator

Corene Thaut, MM, MT-BC, NMT


Training Coordinator

Nicole Wilshusen, MM, MT-BC, NMT



Research Associates

Gary P. Kenyon, MA, MS

Biomechanics, Mathematics, Engineering



Corene P. Thaut, MM, MT-BC, NMT

Neurologic Music Therapy, Neurologic Rehabilitation




Physical Therapy

Ruth R. Rice, MS

Physical Therapy, Neurologic Rehabilitation




Neurologic Music Therapy

Sarah B. Johnson, MM, MT-BC, NMT

Clinical Supervision, Neurologic Music Therapy




Graduate Research Assistants







Colleen Mueller

Neurologic Music Therapy




Affiliate Research Faculty

Dr. Bill Davis

Music Therapy



Dr. Blythe LaGasse

Music Therapy



Barbara Thiem




Dr. Jeff Gliner

Occupational Therapy



Dr. Mahmoud Azimi

Electrical Engineering



Dr. Ed Delosh

Cognitive Psychology



Dr. Ed Dudek




Dr. Matthew Malcolm

Occupational Therapy


Visiting Scientists

Wilfried Schicks   

Biomedical Engineering, Dusseldorf University



Michael Schauer, Ph.D  

Cybernetics, Biomedical Engineering, Free University, Berlin



Klaus-Martin Stephan, MD  

Neurology, Dusseldorf University



Marco Molinari, MD, Ph.D

IRCCS, St. Lucia, Rome



Larry Parsons, Ph.D

UTHSCSA, Neuro-imaging Center



Volver Hoemberg, MD

Neurology, Dusseldorf University



Jerome Sanes, PhD

Neuroscience, Brown University