Guidance on Submitting NIH or NSF Proposals

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Documentation


CSU is committed to providing training in ethics and the responsible conduct of research/scholarly inquiry. New federal statutes now mandate that some proposals document how we deliver such training. The CSU Institutional Conduct for Research Training Program policy describes our institutional approach to meeting federal guidelines. In general, NIH will address the adequacy of your RCR plan through its peer review process, so that grants receiving a fundable score will be retained by the Program Office until the RCR plan (or annual Progress Report) is judged to be meritorious. NSF, however, will likely audit universities after grant awards are made, checking that CSU is in compliance with our responsibility to train and track the training of personnel paid on NSF accounts.

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Please feel free to use these examples in your own grants, but do not use them verbatim: