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September 9, 2013

Having an education abroad experience is a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing opportunity with enormous benefits

Imagine studying international business and Spanish in Chile, engineering in Wales, cultural history in Prague, or International Media Studies in Europe.

Consider taking agricultural courses with an internship in France, conducting field methods training in Kenya and Belize, or participating in a business internship in China or Ireland.

With hundreds of programs available in over 70 countries, Education Abroad at Colorado State offers all those opportunities and more.

Preparation for an Increasingly Global Business World

At CSU, we believe that an education abroad experience provides great opportunities for our students to learn about the world, gain new perspectives on their academics and obtain skills for the global workforce. Whether studying art, sciences, business, or engineering, our graduates may be required to work abroad at one time or another, work in a multinational corporation or organization, or work in multicultural team - globalization is a reality and our graduates must be prepared to function in a global society.

Kayla Rivers, a senior in business administration studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the spring 2012 semester and says, "I learned so much about interacting with diverse cultures while studying in Argentina. As a business major this worldview has expanded my knowledge and helped me develop a global perspective, which will be so important in helping me work both domestically and internationally."

Scholarships Make Education Abroad a Reality

Scholarships can make the difference in student experiences while attending Colorado State and for Zack Nelson, a senior in anthropology, a CSU education abroad scholarship helped fund his fall 2012 experience in Christchurch, New Zealand. "Traveling to Christchurch, New Zealand would have never been a reality for me with the help of my scholarship. It gave me the opportunity to travel the country and explore the environment around me," said Nelson.

The Office of International Programs Undergraduate Education Abroad Scholarship and additional scholarship resources are available for students participating on approved Education Abroad programs.

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