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Here for the Summer? Head Downtown!

July 2013

Staying in town for summer break? Downtown is the place to be for live music, a horse drawn carriage ride, art and culinary tours, or just shopping and dinner.

A favorite local tradition, the Downtown summer music and arts scene just keeps growing, and this year expanded to include Foodie Walks. In addition to long time favorites like the Colorado Brewer's Festival, Bohemian Nights At New West Fest, and First Friday Gallery Walks, this year Stage 6 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge finsishes in Fort Collins.

More than just a place, it's our hometown

The heart of a city is downtown and in Fort Collins it's way more than just bricks and mortar. Downtown and our campus are part of the local lifestyle and a big part of why people across the nation are recgonizing that the No. 1 hometown in America is right here Fort Collins.


This summer, Fort Collins was the Editor's Choice on Outside Magazine's Best Towns 2013 list and last fall Livability named Old Town Fort Collins No. 1 on its list of the Top 10 Downtowns. Also, Forbes listed Fort Collins as a "Great Urban Weekend Escape" last winter, and Scientific American featured it as a town that has increasing energy efficiency and growing its businesses.

Among the attributes the publications noted in making the award were the $87 million Mason Corridor project; the well-known beer culture of the city; the array of restaurants, performing arts and live music venues; our seasonal festivals and concerts; the abundance of parks and plazas; the nearby opportunities for outdoor adventures; and a growing active, educated population.

No "flash in the pan"- it's the real deal

How and when did this love-fest with our hometown start? It's hard to say, but for more than a dozen a years the accolades have been rolling in.

Outside Magazine 2005

While the city's reputation really took off in 2005 when a team from Outside Magazine went looking for the New American Dream Towns found just what they were looking for (plus a little more) in Fort Collins, maybe it all really started with A&E Television featuring "The Fort" as one of America's 10 most livable cities in 2000.

Add to that a decade of being named among the best places to retire, the best places to be young, the best places to run (and ride!), the top locations for innovation, and the picture is clear, there is something for everyone in our city by the Rocky Mountain foothills.

See it for yourself

Want to know more? Come visit! The University Welcome Center serves as our official front door for visitors and friends. The center offers general information about campus and the Fort Collins community, along with admissions information for prospective students and their families, including daily information sessions and campus tours.


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