California Spotted OwlCalifornia Spotted Owl Demography and Habitat Relationships of the California Spotted Owl on the Lassen National Forest

Project Investigator: Barry Noon

Graduate Student: Jennifer Blakesley

Project Start Date: 03/02/99

Expected Completion Date: 09/30/02

Funding Agency: U.S. Forest Service, Pacific SW Research Station

Introduction: Continuing a long-term demographic study of a population of California spotted owls in northeastern California, begun by the U.S. Forest Service in 1990. Results from the first 10 years of study suggest that the population is declining.

Objectives: Scientific objectives are to: (1) estimate demographic parameters for spotted owls; (2) assess the current status of the spotted owl in the Lassen National Forest; (3) estimate vital rates of California spotted owls using forest cover type covariates; and (4) identify conditions and consequences associated with spotted owl breeding dispersal.

Application of Research: This research will provide guidance to USDA Forest Service to more effectively manage for California spotted owls.

Progress: Dissertation completed April 2003.

Results/Products: Blakesley, J. A. Ecology of the California spotted owl: breeding dispersal and associations with forest stand characteristics in northeastern California. 2003. Unpublished Dissertation, Colorado State University, Fort Collins. 60 p.

Franklin, A. B., R. J. Gutiérrez, J. D. Nichols, M. E. Seamans, G. C. White, G. S. Zimmerman, J. E. Hines, T. E. Munton, W. S. LaHaye, J. A. Blakesley, G. N. Steger, B. R. Noon, D. W. H. Shaw, J. J. Keane, T. L. McDonald, and S. Britting. 2004. Population dynamics of the California spotted owl: a meta-analysis. Ornithological Monograph No. 54.

Blakesley, J. A., B. R. Noon, and D. R. Anderson. In Review. Site occupancy, apparent survival and reproduction of California spotted owls in relation to forest stand characteristics. Journal of Wildlife Management.