Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers the only nationally accredited undergraduate professional landscape architecture program in Colorado, which is one of just a few in the Rocky Mountain region. The profession's central concerns are landscape design, construction, and planning. The program prepares its graduates for entry level employment in professional positions throughout the United States. Following a short period of employment which may vary from 1 to 3 years according to the state of residence, graduates will be qualified to sit for licensing exams in those 45 states which require licensure of landscape architectural practitioners.

Landscapes include human controlled or managed areas of land such as residential gardens, municipal, state, regional, and national parks-, golf courses, ski areas, mining areas, trails, open spaces, and natural areas, corporate and institutional project development sites; housing, transportation, and commercial development projects. Landscape architects work to plan, design, and specify landscape construction in the interest of the landowner and the public.

Landscape architects most frequently offer consulting services through their own private practice businesses, but are also commonly employed by land trusts and conservancies, federal, state, and local agencies such as municipal planning and park departments, or the National Park Service. They frequently collaborate with other design professionals such as civil engineers, architects, and urban planners on landscape projects. They may also collaborate with construction contractors to provide design-build package services to those clients who desire them. Biologists, ecologists, horticulturists, hydrologists, geologists, and others are often hired as specialists to advise landscape architects on a broad range of project types.

The program has been highly popular since its inception in 1975. Entering freshmen may elect to complete the required credits in either four or five years at their own choosing. Transfer students may complete the program in either three or four years. Professional program candidates should contact a landscape architecture faculty member for additional details.

Professional organizations, including the Colorado State University Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, are represented in the program. Students are encouraged to become involved in the chapter as well as in summer travel courses to study European designed landscapes and highly valued ecological sites in Colorado. Students who take advantage of these educational enrichment activities or who self-arrange planning, design, and construction internships with Front Range firms and agencies will enjoy enhanced educational development and career opportunities upon graduation.