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Mr. McGrane is a Landscape Architect with over 20 years of professional project experience. He is most noted for distinctive, built work that reflects the values of his clients, the public, and the regional landscape.  His experience involves sitespecific landscape design and detailing, construction documentation, construction administration, cost estimating, design and marketing graphics.  Areas of interest andexpertise include the design of educational and interpretive landscapes, public and private gardens, and interpretive planning, writing, and graphics.  The following is a list of relevant  projects and responsibilities. Unless noted otherwise, all projects were undertaken while employed by EDAW, inc in Ft. Collins, Co.

Public Gardens
· Project LA and designer for The Terrace Gardens at the University of Utah Red Butte Arboretum. Three stepped terraces create the setting for a Fragrance, Medicinal Plant and Herb Garden on the slope of the Wasatch Mountains above Salt Lake City. Constructed: 1987

· Project LA and designer for The Children's Garden at the University of Utah Red Butte Arboretum. This playful garden contains many surprises, adventures and interactive opportunities for children to learn about the science and pleasures of plants and horticulture. The garden is divided into 3 activity areas: The Adventure Garden features a rattlesnake maze with fanciful topiary and surprise fountains; the Exploratory Garden relates to the native ecosystems of Utah with a canyon grotto and rock outcroppings; the Discovery Garden provides a fun place for horticultural projects and learning.Constructed 1998.

· Project Designer for the Hershey Children's Garden at Cleveland Botanical Garden. This one acre garden is located in a mature and shady grove of eastern hardwoods. Its focus is a hand crafted tree house overlooking a small pond and meadow featuring regional plantings. The pond and meadow are surrounded bysmaller themed gardens including poisonous plants, weird plants, found objects, international plants, a butterfly garden, food and wildlife plantings.Constructed: 1999

· Project LA and designer for the Western Walkway at the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens, Cheyenne, Wyoming. A western themed walkway connects the Frontier Days rodeo grounds with the botanical  gardens. Special features include local brands stamped in paving, sculptural gateways, special plantings and signage at seating and interpretive nodes.Constructed 2000.

· Project LA and designer for the Children's Garden at the Governor's Residence, Cheyenne, Wyoming. A frontier homestead, prairie maze and special games were created to entertain visiting children with the rich history and flavor of Wyoming culture. Constructed: 1997.

· Design team member for the concept design of the Olson Children's Therapy Garden at St. Louis Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Mo. This 6000 SF rooftop garden was designed as a contemplative, playful, respite for hospitalized children and their families. Constructed: 1999

· Design team member for the concept design of The Children's Maze Garden and Family Garden at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia.This 1 acre, interactive garden provides a challenging adventure in a maze-like play environment. Children make simple route finding decisions based on contrasting plant collections and environments, providing new insights into their relationship with the natural world. This project is currently in the funding phase.

· Project LA and designer for a 40-acre building and landscape addition to the Hewlett-Packard Facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. The project included a 2-acrecentral courtyard and 700-car parking addition, with landscaped medians and perimeter planting. The courtyard contains over 400 tons of native boulders creating a unique Ledge Garden surrounded by cafeteria dining and informal meeting areas. Contructed: 1994

· Project LA and designer for the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Tour and Recreation Facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado. The project included a central beer/view garden, sculpturally planted walkways, and a softball and soccer field complex. Constructed: 1986.

· Project designer for the Romantic Gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens. A formal fragrance garden and circular promenade were designed to connect the existing herb and scripture gardens with a new naturalistic fragrance garden. Romantic features include trellises, garden swings and a ceremonial gazebo.This project was never realized.

 · Project designer for the Horticulture Research Garden at Colorado State University. Formerly the site of the PERC gardens on the CSU campus, a master plan was developed to guide future expansion and improve access to the site from the main campus. The project is currently in the fund raising phase.

Schools and Playgrounds
· Project LA and designer for the Playground of Culture and Nature at Harris Bilingual Immersion School in Ft. Collins, Co.  Animal tracks and the ABC's snakethrough an adventure playground linking a celestial kiva with soccer and the solar system while dinosaurs are dug and spanish is spoken. It was constructed in 1998 and has recieved numerous local awards. This project was designed in association with Tam Wahl - Landscape Architect.

· Project LA and designer for The Gateway Science School in St. Louis, Missouri. A 2-acre, secured courtyard was designed as a participatory outdoor relates principles of science and math to a backdrop of the natural ecosystems found in Missouri. Constructed: 1996.

Project LA and designer for the Beaver Playground at Eastside Neighborhood Park in Fort Collins, Colorado. This 3-acre neighborhood park is historically themedwith picnic shelter and restroom overlooking a wild adventure playground complete with "beaver tooth" slides and a beaver lodge. Constructed: 1996

· Project designer for the Nature Playground at South Suburban Regional Park, Littleton, Colorado. Giant frog heads, a swinging cattail maze and a serpent slide provide safe and accessible opportunities for wetlands play and discovery. The playground is sited adjacent to an existing stream and wetlands in Littleton's newest regional park. Constructed: 1995

 · Project LA and designer for Washington University Student Housing Master Plan, St. Louis, Mo. New walkways, plazas and open spaces combine with architectural improvements to create a more attractive and social atmosphere for on-campus student housing.The project is ongoing

 · Project designer for the Lory Student Center Plaza Fountain and Clock Tower at Colorado State University. The project involved siting, design, and cost estimate for a 70' clock tower and water features within the context of the existing plaza master plan. Second only to the Historic Campus Oval, the tower, fountains and plaza are expected to be the most memorable campus icons associated with the image of the university.

Interpretive Landscapes
· Project LA and designer for the Water Science Plaza at Colorado State University. This one acre plaza is common ground for the colleges of Engineering, NaturalResources, Agronomy, Watershed Science, Fisheries and Wildlife Biology. It is a major campus open space featuring a small cascade, stream and wetland thatmetaphorically trace the water cycle and illustrate concepts of water science involving the collection, distribution and recharge of water resources in the western U.S. Constructed:1999.

· Project LA and Designer for the Asian Highlands and Mountains of the America Habitats at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo above Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cultural plazas, regional plantings and thematic details were designed to reinforce the natural habitats of animals from the mountains of Asia and South America. included habitats for Siberian tigers, Amur leopards and a Tibetan themed entry tower and plaza.

· Project designer for the Dinosaur Discovery Center above Canon City, Colorado. The facility siting and interpretive theming of site improvements were designed to emphasize the dry, rocky setting and create opportunities for personal discovery and learning. This project is in the funding phase.

· Project designer for the Environmental Learning Center on the Poudre River east of Fort Collins, Colorado. A master plan was developed to include entry roads, parking, an interpretive center, and over four miles of trails. Design graphics were used for promotional materials and fund raising activities.

· Design team member responsible for schematic design of Hotel Cheyenne, one of five themed resort hotels developed for the EuroDisney Theme Park near Paris, France. The project involved the design of an appropriate entry sequence, thematic pedestrian features, and a "main street" corridor depicting the "Wild West" character of Cheyenne in its early years.

· Project designer for the Grand Canyon Albright Avenue Housing Project - 152 employee units were located on the environmentally sensitive South Rim. Considerations included solar access, appropriate density, minimum site disruption, and efficient and sustainable use of materials compatible with the National Park setting.

·· Developed preliminary landscape concepts for the visitor overlook and interpretive center at Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington.

· Project LA involved with design development, construction drawings, and construction administration of the Rawhide Visitor's Center, an outdoor interpretive plaza overlooking the Rawhide Power Plant,  25 miles north of Fort Collins.

Interpretive Planning and Graphics
· Interpretive Master Plan for the City of Fort Collins Community Horticulture Center. The plan identified interpretive themes, goals, and objectives and translated them into physical site design opportunities and programs.

· Graphic design, illustrations and interpretive writing for the North Fork Scenic Byway west of Cody, Wyoming. Twenty-five interpretive sign panels relate the history,forest management, philosophy and recreational opportunities found along the North Fork of the Shoshone River and the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The system is currently being implimented by the Shoshone NF.

· Interpretive writing and illustration for the Bakerville to Loveland Pass Interpretive Sign System. The system includes 8 interpretive panels located along five miles of bike trail adjacent to Clear Creek west of Georgetown, Colorado. The signs emphasize the impacts of travel on the local plants and animals, highlighting speciesdiversity and appropriate user behavior. The system will be installed upon completion of Bakerville to Loveland Bicycle Tail by the USFS.

 Interpretive sign system for the Lon Hagler Reservoir State Fish and Wildlife Area in Larimer Co. Colorado. The project involved the planning and design of an accessable boardwalk and wildlife viewing area, a one mile interpretive trail, directional signage and three wayside exibits.The exhibits interpret the diverse habitats and wildlife of the area. The system was constructed in 1992

  ·Interpretive Planner for the Big Horn Scenic Byway and Cloud Peak Scenic Byway, west of Sheridan Wyoming. The project involved developing a forestwide interpretive master plan that integrated existing interpretive programs with other opportunities located within the region.

· Interpretive Planner for the Silverbow Creek Greenway between Butte and Anaconda, Montana.  Five distinctly evocative landscape zones were identified to provide the setting for historical, natural and cultural interpretation along a 10 mile bike trail proposed for Silverbow Creek. An interpretive strategy was developed that organized diverse themes around trail access points and interpretive sites with a simple sign system and trail amenities package.

B.S., Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University, 1982
Assistant professor, Colorado State University, 1990-1991, 1997 to present

Related Experience
Public Art consultant to City of Fort Collins, Public Works Department - ongoing
Member- Colorado Artist Registry

Honors and Awards
Tucker Award, Building Stone Institute of America, 2001, for the Terrace Gardens at Red Butte Arboretum
ASLA Merit Award for Design, 2000, for the Gateway Science School Courtyard
ASLA Merit Award for Design, 1999, for the Terrace Gardens at Red Butte Arboretum
CCASLA Merit Award for Design, 2000, for the Hershey's Children's Garden
CCASLA Honor Award for Design, 2000, for the Olson Family Garden
CCASLA President's Award of Excellence for Design, 2000, for the Gateway Science School Courtyard
CCASLA Land Stewardship Award, 2000, for the Cheyenne Mopuntain Zoo Asia Highlands - Phase 1
Poudre Valley Board of Education Service Award, 1999, for the Playground of Nature and Culture at Harris Bilingual Immersion School
Larimer County Environmental Service Award, 1998, for the Playground of Nature and Culture at Harris Bilingual Immersion School
CCASLA Merit Award for Design, 1997, for the Terrace Gardens at Red Butte Arboretum
CCASLA Merit Award for Design, 1995,  for the Ledge Gardens at Hewlet-Packard
EDAW Special Achievement Award for Brohm Mine Illustrations, 1989
EDAW Special Achievement Award for Hewlett-Packard Building #6 Addition, 1989
Honorable Mention, National Peace Park Design Competition, Washington D.C.; 900 entries submitted internationally, 1988
Merit Award, Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, 1988, for the Myron Miller Residence, Denver, Colorado
CCASLA Merit Award for Scholastic Achievement, 1982

Contributions to:
Landscape Graphics, by Grant Reid, The Architectural Press, 1987.
Perspective Sketches, Fifth Edition, Theodore D. Walker, Van Nostrand, Reinhold, 1989.
Plan Graphics, Fifth Edition, Theodore D. Walker, Van Nostrand, Reinhold, 1989.