Studying LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE at Colorado State is an adventure. It's more than just experiencing Colorado's landscape, with its spectacular mountains and skiing. Taking part in this challenging course of study, you prepare yourself for a career in a field whose enormous potential has only begun to be recognized.

You have the opportunity to study design as accomplished landscape architects see it: shaping spaces as well as planning and preserving them. Nature, culture, form, and space: these are the classic elements of landscape architecture with which you work in a series of design studios and related courses. Here, you focus on a variety of landscape projects that grow more complex as the curriculum proceeds.

Throughout the program, emphasis is on the relationship between design, nature, and society: the impact of environments on the individual as well as the impact of users on the environment. It is important to note that registration laws for landscape architects in 45 states encourage graduation from schools, such as Colorado State University, that are accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board of the ASLA.

...if you enjoy drawing and are interested in the environment, computers and travel, consider studying landscape architecture!