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Only Members and Fellows of the ‘Robert F. Unkefer’ Academy are eligible to purchase NMT Training materials.

For information on how to become an Academy Member, please click on NMT Training Institute.


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How to Order

To order NMT Training materials, mail:

1)    Filled out Order Form.

2)    Payment for the training, described under (Payment Information). 

Mail these items to:

Michael H Thaut, Director


The Center for Biomedical Research in Music


Colorado State University


Fort Collins, CO 80523-1778

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Items and Descriptions

Supplemental Educational Materials

($45) Rhythm, Music, and the Brain: Scientific Foundations and Clinical Applications, (2005) Routledge (Taylor & Francis): London and New York, Michael Thaut

          Click here for more information about the new standard text for NMTs.

1 ($15) Medical Coding and Records Manual: Neurologic Music Therapy

                   Click here for more information about CBRM’s newest manual update.


Educational Videos

2 ($20) “Rhythmic Sensorimotor Therapy for Gait Training with Parkinson’s Disease Patients” DVD

2 ($20) “Exercise Video” DVD


Other Educational Materials

2,3 ($75) RAS Training CDs (set of 15)

              Custom Designed RAS Training CD set ($6.00 per CD)


1The NMT Manual updates are printed periodically throughout the year.  If copies are not immediately available, orders will be shipped at the next printing.  You will be updated on the status of your order. 

2NOTE TO PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: You are eligible to purchase the materials marked with a “3”. If you purchase our materials, please contact Ruth Rice, MS at rrr@pvhs.org to receive PT-specific supplemental training materials. 

3RAS CD sets may take up to a month to prepare and mail.

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Order Form

The registration form is accessible in either a Word document or as a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat. Print the form, fill it out, and mail with your payment to the above address.

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Payment Information

Accepted Payment Types

US RESIDENTS: We accept cash, check, or money order (no credit cards). Checks and money orders can be made payable to “Music and Neuroscience.”

NON-US RESIDENTS: We accept either cash or a money order made payable to “Music and Neuroscience.”


Shipping Fees

Add the appropriate shipping cost to your subtotal (note that only one amount is needed):

$3.00            Domestic Shipping (U.S. address)

$5.00            Domestic Shipping that includes “Rhythm, Music, and the Brain”

$10.00          Foreign Shipping (non-U.S. address)

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Questions?  Click here for our contact information.


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