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Annual Progress or Termination Reports

USDA requires annual progress reports (Form AD-421) for all USDA-funded research projects. This includes all the Colorado AES (Hatch, State, McIntire-Stennis) projects as well as USDA Grants. A final summary report detailing the history of the project is required when the project is terminated. These reports are widely used by scientists, administrators, State and Federal officials, and legislative offices.  The CRIS technical database is available online to the public worldwide via the CRIS website.  The quality and timeliness of the AD-421 report reflects strongly on the research, the investigator(s), and the reporting organization, and can have a significant influence on State and Federal funding decisions affecting research.

In October of each year, USDA/CSREES sends out the request for these reports. The CAES Director forwards this request to all the Department Heads/Chairs, and/or Associate Deans of Research at CSU. Also included are:

  • the Project Control List - a list of all the projects for which reports are due (with active or terminated status); and
  • Instructions on how to submit the reports via the CRISFRMS website.

Please note that reports are due for ALL projects. Instructions on the CRISFRMS website say "List findings and accomplishments with brief comments as to why the results are significant scientifically or practically. If it is too soon to report accomplishments, characterize the status or stage of the work. ..."

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