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CRIS Form AD417 - Instructions - Web Input

  • Log in to the CRISFRMS website, following the instructions given for the AD416.

  • Select the form to work on -  [AD-417].

  • Enter the Classification by Knowledge Area (KA), Subject of Investigation, and Field of Science

    • You can complete the Classification table in one of several different ways:
      1. Using a printed manual, determine which options apply to this project and enter the numeric codes and percentages in the table

      2. Use the column heading links to view the list of options and enter the appropriate numeric codes and percentages in the table. You may find it helpful to print a blank form to jot down your choices.

      3. Use the [Classification Assistance] button to select codes from a list of check boxes. Click on [Generate Table] after you select the codes. This process will generate all possible combinations from your selections and prompt you to enter appropriate percentages. Click on [Save Information]. This will enter the codes with percentages into the table. You must use the "Return" button provided to return to this form with the codes filled in.

        NOTE: If you use Classification Assistance do not complete the Research Effort categories until you have finished with the Classification table.

  • Enter the percentages for the Research Effort Category and Forestry/Animal Health Component:

    • Identify the research category as basic, applied, or developmental and assign percentages which add to 100%.

      1. Basic Research:  Research that has a primary goal of gaining fuller knowledge or understanding of a subject.
      2. Applied Research:  Research that has a primary goal of the practical application of knowledge to meet a recognized need.
      3. Development Effort:  Research findings to produce useful materials, devices, systems, or methods.

    • If the project is funded by McIntire-Stennis or Animal Health programs, the Forestry or Animal Health component will automatically be assigned 100%. You can optionally assign percentages to these categories up to 100% each for projects funded by other sources.

    For help with the AD-417 input form, please call your department CRISFRMS contact, or Jan at 491-7403.

  • When all information is entered, [Check Data] and note any errors. View the displayed information carefully.  Corrections or additional edits can be made by using the [BACK] button on your browser toolbar. After each edit, [Check Data] again.

  • When the information is correct and complete, [Save Information]. You should see a Confirmation Screen if your information was successfully saved in the work file. You may want to print a copy of this page to keep for your records.

  • Click on the [Return] button at the top of the screen to complete other forms for this same project.

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