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CRIS Form AD416 - Instructions - Web Input

  • Open the CRIS Forms Assistance homepage located at     http://cwf.uvm.edu/cris/

  • From the Left Menu, select Work Unit Description (AD-416 / AD-417 / 2008)

  • Click on the state of Colorado on the US map shown.

  • Select your site:  COL - Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station, CSU
            Enter the password and then click the [Proceed] button.

  • Enter your last name and [Proceed] to the work list of projects for you as the principal investigator.

  • Select one project on the worklist and select "AD-416 Research Resume" and [Proceed]

    -- OR --      If you are initiating a new AD-416, select one of the following and [New]:

      (Check with Jan if you are not sure which to select - call 491-7403 or send e-mail.)
    • Hatch Project
    • Hatch/Multistate participation
    • McIntire-Stennis project
    • Animal Health project
    • State project (projects not funded by CSREES)
    • All NIFA grants

  • Enter the following information:

      5.   Project Number

      Enter the Work Unit/Project No. (COL00###).  When entering a new AD-416, enter "COL00lname" where lname is the PI's last name (for example, COL00Smith).

      6.   Status - will be pre-selected from previous screen.
    A = NEW Projects submitted for approval. OR
    C = REVISED Projects already documented in CRIS that are being revised.

      7.   Title (and 10 Multi-state Project Number if this is a multi-state project)
      Enter the title for this project. Titles are limited to 175 characters, including spaces. Do not use phrases such as "research on", "investigation of," etc. Quotation marks, question marks, and underscoring are not acceptable. NOTE: If you have a Multi-State Research project, select the project title from the pull-down menu.

    Integrated Activity - Read instructions and check if appropriate.

      8.   Performing / Cooperating Departments (+9a, 9b)

      Select the home department of the Principal Investigator for the Performing Department, and select up to two departments participating significantly in the project.

     11.   Cooperating States
      Identify any other states that are participating in the same research project -- for NON-Multi-State projects only.

     12.   Investigator Names
      A total of 12 can be listed. List the Principal Investigator on line one. Lines two through twelve are used for co-investigators. Use upper/lower case as customary for proper names.

     13.   Project Contact
      This should be a person or office that would best answer questions about research issues which may potentially be controversial.

     14.   Project Type

      This field is pre-filled, based on previous screen selections.

     19.   Start Date
      Enter date research will begin as Month, Day, Year in numeric format, (e.g. 10/01/2012).

     20.   Termination Date
      Enter the estimated termination date for the project as Month, Day, Year in numeric format, (e.g. 09/30/2017).

  • Click on [Check and Save].
  • On the next screen, review the information. [Go to Screen 2] when complete.
  • Screen 2
  • Goals/Objectives/Expected Outputs

      Provide a clear, concise statement of the goals and objectives of the project as stated in the approved application or as approved by CSREES. The goals and objectives should be specific and attainable within the duration of the project and with the available resources. Not to exceed 3200 characters. ** NOTE: If you have a Multi-State Research project, the objectives must be entered exactly as listed on the official project outline.

      Describe the ways in which the project will be conducted, with emphasis on the general scientific methods and any unique aspects or significant departures from usual methods. Not to exceed 3200 characters. **

    ** We recommend that you paste in the text from your wordprocessor (spell-check before pasting), but do not include formatting such as tab, indent, bold, underline, super/subscript, nor any graphic symbols.

     23.   Non-Technical Summary

      Describe the situation that creates a need for this project as well as the purpose or rationale for the project. Also include general statements describing the methods to be used, the expected outcomes/impacts, and the anticipated benefits. Provide information at a level that most citizens can understand. Limited to 3200 characters.

     24.   Keywords

      Enter one per line in the entry field. Not to exceed 29 characters per keyword and 345 characters total. It is important to assign appropriate keywords for automated information retrieval of project information. Generally, keywords should be limited to one- or two-word terms. Collectively, the keywords for a project should resemble an abbreviated abstract of the project. Ideally, choose at least 12 keywords that describe the nature of the study at three levels: (1) general entry, overall objectives in the major fields of interest (select at least two), (2) class entry, classes or categories of subjects or items, and moderately broad concepts or areas of interest which conceptually group the specific entry keyword into like classes (select at least four), (3) specific entry, the most specific concepts, subjects or items under study, including the specific plant, animal, or microorganism; the specific equipment, processes, approach, technique or system; and specific properties, reaction, or function (select at least six).

  • When all information is entered, [Check and Save] and note any errors. View the displayed information carefully.  Corrections or additional edits can be made by using the [BACK] button on your browser toolbar. After each edit, [Check and Save] again.

  • When the information is correct and complete, [Confirm Information]. You should see a Confirmation Screen. You may want to print a copy of this page to keep for your records.
  • NOTE: Do NOT use the [Outline] button to upload your project outline. Instead, e-mail your project outline in Word or WordPerfect format to jan.iron@colostate.edu.
  • Click on the [Return] button at the top of the screen to complete other forms for this same project.

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