RHYTHM, MUSIC, AND THE BRAIN: Scientific Foundations and Clinical Applications

Michael H. Thaut

Published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis: New York, London


 Rhythm, Music, and the Brain: Scientific Foundations and Clinical Applications


(From the back cover) “Recent advances in study of the human brain have revealed music’s unexpected importance to modern cognitive neuroscience. Rhythm, Music, and the Brain unites art and science to examine the integral role played specifically by rhythm in our perception of music and its known neurobiological foundations. The text provides a thorough examination of the current state of research, including the biomedical applications of neurologic music therapy in sensorimotor, speech, and cognitive rehabilitation.”


This is the standard text for Neurologic Music Therapists, including a systematic presentation of all clinical techniques, a thorough and comprehensive review of the research literature, and an in-depth discussion of scientific and aesthetic theories underlying neurologic music therapy practice. It is also a useful text for other medical and therapy professionals, as well as researchers interested in music, biomedicine, and the brain.


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