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The International Training Program of the Academy is endorsed by the World Federation of Neurologic Rehabilitation (WFNR), by the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies (EFNS) and the International Society for Clinical Neuromusicology (CNM).  Training is also approved by the U.S. Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) as advanced provider for Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits.  Credits award by CBMT are accepted by the U.S. National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).


TWENTY-Seventh Advanced Fellowship Training

February 7 & 8, 2014

Fort Collins, CO


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How to Register

To enroll in the Advanced Fellowship Training, mail:

1)    A filled out Registration Form (see below).

2)    Payment for the training.  US RESIDENTS: We accept cash, check, or money order (no credit cards). Checks and money orders can be made payable to “Music and Neuroscience.” NON-US RESIDENTS: We accept either cash or a money order made payable to “Music and Neuroscience.”

Mail these items to:

The Assistant Director


The Center for Biomedical Research in Music


Colorado State University


Fort Collins, CO 80523-1778


Payment is required in full when you register for the Institute.  Acceptance is limited and will be confirmed or denied upon receipt of your registration formWe will notify you of your status when we receive your registration form and payment. 

Please do not book flights until registration acceptance has been confirmed. 

There is a late fee for registrations received after January 17th, 2014. A late registration could also mean a delay in your paperwork.


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Registration Form

The registration form is accessible in either a Word document or as a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat. Print the form, fill it out, and mail with your payment to the above address.  Acceptance will be confirmed or denied upon receipt of your registration form.  Please do not book flights until registration acceptance has been confirmed. 


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Registration Fees

The course fee is listed below. Your registration fee includes training fees, lunches on both days, and a Friday evening reception. Additional training materials will be available for purchase at the Institute (see Course Materials).

Fellowship Registration Fee


Extra guest(s) at evening reception

$25.00 per guest


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Late Registration

There is a $50.00 late registration fee for forms postmarked after January 17th, 2014.

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Course Description

The NMT Fellowship Training is an intensive course which begins with a review and update of current research and clinical practice.  Participants are then required to present video examples demonstrating their current clinical work using three different NMT techniques. The taped presentation should be 5-10 minutes in length. Be prepared to provide the diagnoses and background of the client, as well as the functional goal(s) you are working on. Remember: you are responsible for having the proper institutional and/or client releases.


Evaluation will be completed by all participants. Participants will be informed within two weeks after the training whether they have passed, or whether they need to resubmit one or more of their clinical examples based on a 70% majority vote.


What to Prepare

CLINICIANS: Bring three (3) DVD examples of three (3) different NMT techniques you used with your clients and/or patients. These techniques need to be from at least two (2) of the three domains (e.g. sensorimotor and cognition). The recordings should be no more than one (1) year old. EDUCATORS: Bring three (3) DVD examples of three (3) different NMT techniques you taught to your students (e.g. that includes explanations, demonstrations, and student facilitation with instructor feedback). These techniques need to be from at least two (2) of the three domains (e.g. sensorimotor and cognition). The recordings should be no more than one (1) year old.  Presentations MUST be on DVD.  All DVD’s will be played on a standard DVD player - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please check your DVD ahead of time to ensure it works on a standard DVD player.



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Course Objectives

1.   Participants will demonstrate a basic definition and advanced knowledge about the implementation of neurologic music therapy (NMT), including the taxonomy of techniques used in NMT through verbal and video demonstration.

2.   Participants will demonstrate an increased knowledge of current research supporting NMT techniques as evidenced by clinical choices based on current best practice.

3.   Participants will demonstrate thru live video, a working knowledge of the Transformational Design Model; a model to assist in treatment selection based on functional goals.

4.   Participants will be actively demonstrate current clinical assessments for treatment evaluation.

5.   Participants will answer basic neuroanatomy and pathology questions related to a variety of neurologic disorders.


Course Materials

You are required to bring your prepared video examples on DVD; in addition, please bring your copy of the “Training Manual in Neurologic Music Therapy.” Below are recommendations for additional reading, which can be ordered on our website, or purchased at the training institute:

Rhythm, Music and the Brain, by Michael Thaut ($40).  We recommend that you purchase this book either before or during the Fellowship.  It is the standard text for Neurologic Music Therapists.  For more information about the book (including ordering information), click here.

Medical Coding and Records Manual, by Suzanne Oliver, Michael Thaut, & Kimberly Sena ($15). This manual is a path-breaking addition to the CBRM educational materials.  It includes individual documentation forms for each NMT intervention that specify the medical codes that may be used for billing purposes.  Each technique and billing code is supported by applicable research whose references are included in the manual. For more information about this manual, click here.

Three CBRM Education Videos, which includes Rhythmic Sensorimotor Therapy for Gait Training with Parkinson’s Disease Patients ($20), Movement Improvisation in Music Therapy ($20), and an Exercise Video that includes PSE demonstrations ($20).

RAS Training CDs ($75), a set of 15 CDs that can be used to facilitate gait training.  Custom design sets are also available upon request. 

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Cancellation Policy

Partial refunds are available by written request only.  Eighty-percent (80%) of fees will be refunded if postmarked before January 17th 2014.  After January 17th, sixty-percent (60%) of fees will be refunded.

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Travel and Lodging

You are responsible for your own airfare, hotel arrangements, and for arranging your transportation to Fort Collins. The Hotel and Shuttle link will provide you with more detailed information about what is available during your stay in Fort Collins. For a fee, the Shamrock Shuttle or GreenRide can take you from the Denver International Airport to your hotel. If you decide to rent a car, directions will be provided from your accommodations to all the training and reception sites.  The training will be from 9am -5pm on Friday and Saturday.  Please make your arrangements accordingly.


We strongly encourage you to make your hotel reservation as soon as possible. The training weekend is busy for the hotels and room availability cannot be guaranteed after the reservation cut-off date.


NOTE: The training will begin at 9 am on Friday and end by 5 pm on Saturday.  Please make your travels arrangements accordingly, especially if you will be taking the Shamrock Shuttle or GreenRide to the airport.  See the Hotel and Shuttle page for more information.

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Course Credits

The Advanced Fellowship Training will provide the board-certified music therapist with 19 CMTE credits that can be applied towards recertification.  Your certificate of completion can be submitted as proof of your attendance and participation in this training.

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Grievance Policy


For more information on music therapy continuing education activities, please visit cbmt at:

Questions? Click here for contact information.

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Upcoming Advanced Fellowship Trainings:

September 23 & 24, 2013 – Twenty-Sixth Advanced Fellowship Training – Enschede, Holland – Please visit:

 for more details on the Holland training


November 16 & 17 – Yoshikawa Rehabilitation Hospitals Tokyo

For more information, contact: naomi_kobinata@hotmail. com


February 7-8, 2014 – Twenty-Seventh Advanced Fellowship Training – Fort Collins, CO



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