'Robert F. Unkefer' Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy



The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, maintained at Colorado State University, was established in 2002 to advance the professional education and understanding of the scientific, evidence-based practice of Neurologic Music Therapy, and to facilitate the coordinated and cooperative efforts of NMTs throughout the world.

The International Training Program of the Academy is endorsed by the World Federation of Neurologic Rehabilitation (WFNR), by the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies (EFNS) and the International Society for Clinical Neuromusicology (CNM).Training is also approved by the U.S. Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) as advanced provider for Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits.Credits award by CBMT are accepted by the U.S. National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).


The Academy will facilitate endeavors in the following areas:


Continuing Education

The academy will facilitate the provision of at least two foundational Neurologic Music Therapy Training Institutes per year. Upon completion of the foundational training institute, a music therapist who is professionally trained according to the standards of their country may use the professional designation of NMT [Neurologic Music Therapist] and becomes a member of the Academy for three years.Completion of the NMT training allows the board-certified music therapist to practice and use the credential of NMT.Completion of the NMT training does NOT allow one to practice outside their professional licensure-training-certification

Additionally, the Academy will provide at least one Advanced Training Institute per year at Colorado State University or another strategic site as deemed necessary. Upon successful completion of an advanced institute within three years after taking the initial training, an NMT will be registered as a Fellow of the Academy, indicating continued education and peer review in the clinical applications of NMT. The status of Fellow of the Academy may then be maintained by successful completion of an advanced training institute every five years thereafter. The Academy may also appoint an off-campus faculty consisting of NMT Fellows who are approved to conduct advanced Fellowship training for individuals who are Academy members and have completed the foundational training institute. Professionals from related disciplines who have completed foundational training but are not professional music therapists will be maintained as members of the Academy.


Student Training

The Academy will promote the development and implementation of student training models to facilitate the education and understanding of the NMT treatment model at the university student level.

The Academy will establish a consortium of universities which are actively incorporating student training of the NMT model within their regular music therapy curriculum. Universities listed within the consortium must have, at a minimum, one faculty member who is a current Fellow of the Academy.



The Academy will promote the integrity of continued research in the area of NMT and assist in identifying areas of continued pursuit or those requiring additional research efforts.


Information Sharing

The Academy will disseminate information of interest and continuing education on an ongoing basis via the CSU website as well as via periodic NMT email updates and other forms of communication. Additionally, the Academy will facilitate the gathering of NMTís through professional meetings and at other professional conferences as deemed appropriate.



The Academy will promote the ongoing collection and distribution of information related to reimbursement by third party payers for the use of standardized NMT interventions by music therapists having the NMT designation. Additionally, efforts will be made to educate NMTs, consumers, and third party payers about the scientific evidence base for the standardized interventions used.


Advisory Council

The Academy will appoint an advisory council consisting of therapists and scientists from Neurologic Music Therapy and related clinical and scientific disciplines to advise on all matters related to the professional and scientific development of NMT. The majority of the council will consist of practicing Neurologic Music Therapy clinicians.


Requesting Research Subjects


The Center for Biomedical Research in Music at Colorado State University is looking for research subjects to participate in a study with people who have Parkinsonís Disease and have a history of falling.†† The participants will be set up on a walking and exercise program with instruction provided by a Physical Therapist and Neurological Music Therapist.The purpose is to determine if this type of program will assist in decreasing the number of falls in people with Parkinsonís Disease.


To qualify to enter the study, we are looking for people with Parkinsonís Disease and who have fallen at least 2 times in the last 6 months.You will also need to be able to walk independently with or without an assistive device (cane or walker) for at least 5 minutes on level surfaces.


Please call Ruth Rice, Physical Therapist at 214-3352 if you are interested in participating in this study.



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