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Website NameContact
Varsity Athletics (Athletics)970- 491-5300
Vegetarian Eating Group (Student Organizations Search)
Vending Office (RamCard Office)970- 491-2344
Versatility Ranch Horse Club (Student Organizations Search)
Veteran Education Benefits Office970- 491-6340
Veteran GI Bill (Veteran Education Benefits Office)970- 491-6340
Veteran Services Office (Adult Learner and Veteran Services)970- 491-3977
Veterans - Getting Started at CSU970- 491-3977
Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) (Student Organizations Search)
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab970- 297-1281
Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, College of970- 491-7051
Veterinary Teaching Hospital970- 221-4535
Vice President for Advancement (Advancement)970- 491-7328
Vice President for External Relations (External Relations)
Vice President for Research970- 491-7194
Vice President for Student Affairs (Division of Student Affairs)970- 491-5312
Vice President for University Operations970- 491-5257
Vice President of Enrollment and Access970- 491-2682
Vice President Office of Engagement970- 491-2785
video production (TV and Video)970- 491-6432
Virtual Aggression (Student Organizations Search)
Virtual Tour, Campus (Campus Virtual Tour)
Virus (Computer) Protection970- 491-7276
Visit Colorado State (Admissions)970- 491-6909
Visitors Center970- 491-INFO
Vocational Alternative Teacher Licensure Program (VATLP) (Career and Technical Educators Authorization Program (TAP))970- 491-6867
Volleyball (Sport Clubs)970- 491-3973
Volleyball (women) (Student Organizations Search)
Volleyball - Varsity Athletics (Ram Volleyball)970- 491-5300
Volleyball Camp, Varsity Athletics (CSU Volleyball Camps)970- 491-6232
Voluntary System of Accountability
Volunteers in Public Schools970- 491-MyHR
Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood (Student Organizations Search)
VPN (Virtual Private Networking) (Connecting to CSUs Network)970- 491-7276