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Website NameContact
Mail Distribution970- 491-6529
Mail Production Center970- 491-6142
Major Completion Maps970- 491-7159
Majors & Programs of Study (Graduate)
Majors & Programs of Study (Undergraduate)
Management Club (Student Organizations Search)
Management, Department of970- 491-5636
Managing Tough Times (The Human Side of Agriculture)970- 491-5558
Manufacturers Code of Conduct970- 491-6851
Maps (Campus Maps)
Marching Band (Music (School of Music, Theatre and Dance))970- 491-5529
Marijuana (Amendment 64 and Marijuana)
Marketing, Department of970- 491-5063
Math Club (Student Organizations Search)
Mathematics, Department of970- 491-6327
MBA Programs
MBA/DVM Club (Student Organizations Search)
McNair Scholars Program970- 491-3702
Mechanical Engineering, Department of970- 491-3587
Media (SOURCE)
Media (Public Relations (Department of) )970- 491-6621
Medieval Society (Student Organizations Search)
Meridian Gate (Student Organizations Search)
Metalsmithing Guild (Student Organizations Search)
Methodist Campus Ministry (Student Organizations Search)
Microbiology Student Association (Student Organizations Search)
Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology, Department of970- 491-6144
MicroRx (Superclusters)
Microscope Imaging Network970- 491-6096
Military Science, Air Force ROTC (Air Force ROTC)970- 491-6476
Military Science, Army ROTC (Army ROTC)970- 491-6506
Military Tuition Assistance (Veteran Education Benefits Office)970- 491-6340
Mindfulness (Center for Mindfulness)
Misconduct in Science (Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office)970- 491-1553
Mission Statement970- 491-1101
Mixed Martial Arts Club at CSU (Student Organizations Search)
Mobile Apps Directory970- 491-4394
Mobile Communications970- 491-7276
Mock Trial (Student Organizations Search)
Modem Pool (Connecting to CSUs Network)970- 491-7276
Molecular Plant Biology (PMPB)970- 491-5773
Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences, Program of970- 491-0425
Monfort Excellence Fund
Morgan Library970- 491-1842
Mortar Board, Tau Iota Omega Chapter (Student Organizations Search)
Motor Pool970- 491-0016
Mountain Campus970- 491-4747
Mountain Meadow Research Center970- 641-2515
Mountain Riders Horse Club (Student Organizations Search)
Mountain View Community Church Collegiate (Student Organizations Search)
MSTies Anonymous of Colorado (Student Organizations Search)
Multicultural Staff & Faculty Network970- 492-4082
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy (NSF IGERT Program) 970- 491-2151
MURALS970- 491-5781
Museum (University Art Museum)970- 491-1989
Music (School of Music, Theatre and Dance)970- 491-5529
Muslim Student Association (Student Organizations Search)
MyCSU970- 492-4052