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Website NameContact
Labs (Computer) (Computer Labs)970- 491-7276
Lacrosse (Sport Clubs)970- 491-3973
Lacrosse (Women) (Student Organizations Search)
Lacrosse-Men's (Student Organizations Search)
Lambda Pi Eta (Student Organizations Search)
Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. (Student Organizations Search)
Landscape Architecture (Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Department of)970- 491-7019
Latin Dancing and Cultural Club (Student Organizations Search)
Latino Greek Council (Student Organizations Search)
Latter-day Saint Student Association (Student Organizations Search)
LEAP (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Arts Advocacy and the Public)970- 491-3746
Learning Assistance Program
Learning Communities970- 491-6042
Liberal Arts College Council (Student Organizations Search)
Liberal Arts, College of970- 491-5421
Libertarian Party (Student Organizations Search)
Library Catalog (Discovery)970- 491-4394
Library Catalog (Sage)970- 491-3423
Library Student Organization (Student Organizations Search)
Library, Morgan (Morgan Library)970- 491-1842
Licensing (Graphic Standards)
Live Cell Imaging (Microscope Imaging Network)970- 491-6096
Live Green Community970- 491-5871
Logging Sports (Sport Clubs)970- 491-3973
Logging Sports (Student Organizations Search)
Logos (Graphic Standards)
Lory Student Center970- 491-6395
Lory Student Center Governing Board970- 491-6444
Lory Student Center Governing Board (Student Organizations Search)
Loveland Learning Center 970- 491-5288
LSC (Lory Student Center)970- 491-6395
Lutheran Campus Ministry (Student Organizations Search)