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Website NameContact
Habitat For Humanity (Student Organizations Search)
Hall Council (Student Organizations Search)
Hartshorn Health Services (CSU Health Network)970- 491-7121
Hatton Gallery970- 491-6774
HDFS Student Outreach and Undergraduate Leadership (SOUL)970- 491-5558
Health and Exercise Science Community970- 491-1501
Health and Exercise Science, Department of970- 491-5081
Health and Human Sciences, College of970- 491-6331
Health Network (CSU Health Network)970- 491-7121
Health Physics Graduate Program970- 491-5003
Health Physics Society at CSU (Student Organizations Search)
Health Profession Advising970- 491-7095
Health Profession Clubs and Organizations970- 491-7095
Health Professions Loan (Pay CSU Loans)970- 491-6467
Health Promotion (Health and Exercise Science, Department of)970- 491-5081
Help Desk (Computing)970- 491-7276
Henry Thompson970- 491-7748
Hesperia Junior Honor Society (Student Organizations Search)
High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (HICAHS)970- 491-6152
Hillel (Student Organizations Search)
Hillel at CSU970- 224-4246
Hip Hop Congress (Student Organizations Search)
History Club/Phi Alpha Theta (Student Organizations Search)
History, Department of970- 491-6334
Hockey (Student Organizations Search)
Holidays - Schedule of Official University Holidays
Homecoming970- 491-HOME
Honorary Societies970- 491-6614
Honors Program970- 491-5679
Honors Student Association (Student Organizations Search)
Horse Polo (Sport Clubs)970- 491-3973
Horse Polo Club (Student Organizations Search)
Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Department of970- 491-7019
Horticulture Club (Student Organizations Search)
Hospitality Management970- 491-3663
Hotline (CSU System Compliance Reporting Hotline)303- 534-6290
Housing and Dining Services970- 491-6511
Hui 'O Hawai'i (Student Organizations Search)
Human Development & Family Studies, Department of970- 491-5558
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Department of970- 491-6591
Human Research Committee (Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office)970- 491-1553
Human Resource Development Program970- 491-1963
Human Resources970- 491-MyHR
Human Services Assessment Project (HSAP)970- 491-5211
Human Subjects Research (Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office)970- 491-1553
Human-Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC)970- 491-2776