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CSU Home Page The College of Liberal Arts offers a Major In International Studies with a choice of four Concentrations.

Within this major, there are four Concentrations: Asian Studies, European Studies, Middle East/North Africa Studies, and Latin American Studies.

Major check sheets for each Concentration area::

What is the focus and purpose of International Studies? This program focuses on the diverse civilizations of cultural areas outside North America. With the expansion of communication and transportation technologies, the world today is richly interconnected. International Studies, a major program of study that includes both disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives, gives students powerful tools for understanding this world. As an International Studies Major, you will start with a core set of All-University Core Curriculum courses, a set that is similar to—but not identical to—that for students in other Liberal Arts concentrations or in other majors in this and other colleges.

Within the Concentrations, you will be required to complete three years of a relevant foreign language, Introduction to Geography, and a two-course history sequence, Comparative Government & Politics, 24 credits from three track areas (two of which focus specifically on your area of the world and the third that focuses on many things international), as well as two INST courses for Depth and Integration (see below).

Two INST courses: INST 300 and INST 492 fulfill Category Four of the AUCC ("Depth and Integration"). If this is your only major or your primary major, these are the courses you will use for that University requirement. All requirements for Category Four must be fulfilled within a single major. If this is NOT your first major you are still required to take INST 300 and you will have the option of replacing INST 492 with another track course (to be approved by your advisor).

For a list of AUCC requirements and restrictions on certain courses in Category 3.D and 3.E consult the All-University Core Curriculum page.

You will select 24 credits in course work from tracks within your Concentration. You can focus more on any of the tracks, while making sure that you 1) take at least 6 credits in track one and two and at least 3 credits in track three, and 2) have at least three different course prefixes (among the three tracks together, and you must have a minimum of 18 credits of upper division credits (300-400) in the tracks combined. Finally, take enough electives to meet your 120 total minimum credit requirement for graduation.

Be aware of the University requirements that 42 of your 120 credits must be upper-division (courses numbered 300 or above) and that 30 of these must be earned in residence at CSU. (Courses in a pre-approved study abroad program qualify as in-residence credits.)

For further Information and a checklist of requirements for the International Studies Major, see the links to the left for each concentration, or please contact:

College of Liberal Arts
C207 Clark
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523

For appointments please contact (970) 491-3117.


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