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Electronic Versions of Curricular Forms

Below are electronic versions of the forms used to create new courses, change courses, propose courses to be taught in nontraditional formats, propose courses for the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC), propose new programs of study, and make major and minor changes to programs of study.  For instructions on completing the forms, see the Curricular Policies and Procedures Handbook.

The University Curriculum Committee (UCC), has recently updated the course forms and is in the process of revising the Curricular Policies and Procedures Handbook. Electronic forms are built using 2010 Word Developer. At this time the forms will not work using a MAC computer. You must use WORD 2010 and the Internet Explorer Browser to complete the forms.

We are currently in the process of building the forms in a PDF document. We will get the uploaded as soon as they become available. Updated electronic forms will be posted on this page as they are approved and become available, the (UPDATED [date]) tag shows when the updated file was posted on this page.

MAC Users:

The instructions are now included in the form to assist you. Please email me thoehn@colostate.edu your suggestions to make the course form instructions as clear as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Course Forms

Adding a New Course or Changing a Course — Main Form    ( UPDATED 7/30/2013)
Minor Change or Course Drop — Request Form (UPDATED 12/5/12)

A Minor Change includes only changing a course number within level, changing the term offered, and/or changing non-GPA-related and/or minimum-grade prerequisites. Adding any other change or request constitutes a major change and requires use of the Main Form.

Adding or Changing a Course — Subtopics  ( UPDATED 4/19/2012)
Experimental Course Form ( UPDATED 9/26/2013)
Request for Nontraditional Course   ( UPDATED 10/5/2012)  
All–University Core Curriculum Course Proposal    (Revised 10/5/12)  
gtPathways Course Nomination Form—Required for AUCC Category 1-3 proposals    
Additional Signature Pages for Courses (Revised 4/19/20/12)  

Curricular Form

New/Major/Minor Programs of Study--Curricular Requests (3 pages)
(Please contact Curriculum and Catalog to request a current Program of Study)
 (Revised 2/11)

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