- 1944 -

The war was over and Tri-State High School held its final commencement in October, 1944. The WRA began processing residents for resettlement back to the outside. People were going home. For another group of Tuleans, home was Japan. Almost 5,000 evacuees were repatriated there. Families prepared to leave and were given vaccination shots. The second ship departed on December 27, 1944. These children were on the third ship, which left San Pedro Pier on February 10th.

By Christmas, all the other camps had closed, but Tule Lake remained open. In early 1946, fire broke out at the high school, burning it down completely. By March 1946, Tule Lake was virtually empty with a few men staying until the end.

Where did the more than 21,000 people who once lived in Tule Lake go? The majority resettled in the United States, but nearly 4,500 repatriated to Japan, while over 2,000 were sent to internment centers and confined - some through 1947 - in Bismark, Santa Fe, and Crystal City, Texas.
















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