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call for papers 2010.

the emerging scholars network (esn) invites you to participate in the 2010 international congress of the IAMCR to be held in braga, portugal, from july 18 to july 22, 2010.

this year's theme is "communication and citizenship: rethinking crisis and change". we call for general academic papers in communication and media studies as well as papers addressing communication, citizenship, crisis, and change.

esn is also holding a joint panel with the Global Media Policy Working Group.

esn is a section dedicated to the work and careers of emerging scholars. we especially look for works in progress from graduate students and new university instructors/professors who are interested in substantial feedback and comments intended to advance their projects. we seek academic work on any topic in the field of communication.

the esn organizes emerging scholar panels and joint panels with other sections. our emerging scholar panels provide a comfortable environment for the presentation of theses and works in progress, where emerging scholars can receive feedback from colleagues also at the beginning of their careers and from senior scholars who act as respondents to individual papers. we also organize joint panels with other sections, which allow for the exchange of ideas with senior scholars in the field and networking. for more about IAMCR, please see their organization website.

the esn operates a mentorship program for emerging scholars who would benefit from linkages with senior scholars. this program addresses publication techniques, teaching opportunities, professional involvement, and other issues. if you are interested in connecting with a mentor, please contact the section co-chair, stefania milan at stefania.milan[at]eui.eu.

submission guidelines:

      submissions are due january 31, 2010. panelists will be announced late march. full papers are due april 30, 2010.

      abstracts should be 300-500 words, in english. please do not include bibliographic references in the abstract. identify if the submission is a work in progress.

      each individual abstract may be submitted to ONE section only. you are not permitted to submit the same abstract to multiple sections.

      abstracts should be submitted on the 2010 conference website, questions can be addressed to the section chair, sara bannerman at sara.bannerman [at] gmail.com.

      submissions must include: paper title, paper section (esn), and for each author: author name, title (graduate student, professor, etc.), affiliation (school or organization), affiliation address, author e-mail address.

      each abstract may only be submitted to a single section. if you submit the same abstract to two different sections you will be removed from consideration for the conference.

please make sure to spell-check your submissions, and review for clarity. we are looking for abstracts that demonstrate both a well thought-out project with careful research backing it, and professional execution; that is, we seek a well written, well presented work. a great project that is poorly presented in the abstract will not be selected.

use a narrative, not outline, format. your abstract should include: 1) topic introduction/background, 2) major research question(s), 3) relevant theoretical foundation, 4) method/analysis, 5) basic conclusions/findings. works in progress are welcome, but abstracts should be clearly written and include the above information.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the esn chair sara bannerman at sara.bannerman [at] gmail.com.


this year esn will hold a joint panel with the Global Media Policy Working Group, RETHINKING CITIZENSHIP IN A GLOBALIZED WORLD: lessons from the field

the goal of this panel is to articulate reflections of where, how and by what subjects visions and practices of post-national citizenship are developed and framed.

we invite submissions that examine case studies related to the nexus between participation and crisis, broadly understood: from the recent financial crisis and its worldwide consequences, to other crises and challenges that characterize today's world: environmental, economic, social crises.

we invite work concerning local, national or transnational activism and participatory dynamics focused on promoting/strengthening the exercise of citizenship. papers could be dealing with the most diversified issues (from gender to climate change, from local struggles over land resources to transnational campaigns for net neutrality): the common feature being a focus on the interplay between different levels of activism as a way to prompt new visions of citizenship. theoretical interpretation of research results should be exposed in to articulate concepts such as post-national citizenship, global citizenship, trans-national citizenship.

submissions to the joint panel should be clearly indicated as such by including the statement "SUBMISSION TO JOINT PANEL" as a part of the abstract, and should be submitted to the esn on the 2010 conference website.

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