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the emerging scholars network is a section of the academic organization, international association of media and communication research (iamcr). the network seeks to engage emerging scholars from around the world in academic exchange, debate, and participation through creating scholarly panels, roundtable discussions, and other activities in association with our parent organization, iamcr. as its name suggests, the esn seeks to establish a network among students, new scholars, and senior scholars, and to provide advice, feedback, resources, and opportunities to those scholars newer to academic and to the field of communication.

the emerging scholars network is open to graduate students, new professors, and all researchers who feel 'young' in academia.
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the emerging scholars network was founded in glasgow, scotland in 1998, during the 21st general assembly of the IAMCR, from an idea and inspiration of ramona rush, professor in communications at the university of kentucky. originally called the junior scholars network, its name was changed in 2006. the esn organised its first round table in leipzig, in july 1999 with the general theme: global communications, talking in future tense.

organized and vitalized by its first chair, katharine sarikakis, the then-working group called jsn struggled to gain acceptance within iamcr. dr. sarikakis' hard work and dedication along with strong support from senior scholars helped esn be voted a full section by the international council in the 2000 general assembly of the iamcr. esn now organizes and runs between three and six panels with 15 to 35 panelists every year.

then esn held a second roundtable at the iamcr conference in singapore in july 2000. the theme of the roundtable discussion was riding the information highway and the dispossessed sideways. a first ever poster session on work in progress also took place.

in 2003, iamcr in taipei was canceled due to the sars outbreak in asia. the esn held the organization's first ever virtual conference, where participants posted papers online and readers had the opportunity to comment and respond.

the esn continues to grow and expand its mission. currently, the esn is developing a mentorship program to pair emerging scholars with senior scholars within iamcr. especially vital to students local to conference sites, esn also aims to integrate iamcr members and local academic and student organizations.
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Emerging Scholars Network of the IAMCR
Official Organization By-Laws (approved 2000)

Article I – Name, Seat and working language(s)
The name of this organisation is the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN).
Founded as the Junior Scholars Network, the name was changed to the Emerging Scholars Network in 2006 and approved by current members.
The official headquarters of the ESN are based at the working address of the chair person.
The general language of communication is English, however every attempt will be made to promote the use of other languages.

Article II – Purpose
The purposes of this Network are:
To provide a platform for the exchange of information about research and scholarship carried out by junior scholars in the field of mass communication at an international level.
To promote cooperative work among mass communication scholars, to enhance research and to create wherever possible links of mutual respect to established members of the mass communications community.
To coordinate information and other activities thereby assisting the conduct of communications research, encourage, support and publish the work of junior scholars.
To work on new ideas for research and teaching and therefore contribute in the building of the future of academia.
To promote and defend universal values of solidarity, peace, equality and respect, as they are related to communications.

Article III – Role within the IAMCR
The roles of ESN within the IAMCR are:
To actively work on all above areas within the IAMCR.
To actively support the development of, promote transparency and democratic values in, effectively participate in the building of the future of an ever changing and evolving international organisation by encouraging JS participation in the Association’s activities.
To be the officially recognised body of junior scholars and aim at being officially represented in the governing bodies of the Association.
To facilitate the exchange of information about and among members and research. To represent and promote the interests of junior scholars, in terms of integration and development in the Association.

Article IV – Membership
Membership requirements are:
Membership is free although good standing membership is strongly advised [paid-up members of the IAMCR].
Membership is open to all ‘emerging scholars’ including, but not limited to, postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers, new faculty members, regardless of age, class, ethnicity, race or sex.
Past chairs of the Network will be recognized as honorary members for life.

Article V – Officers
Para. 1. Officers
The officers of the Network will be a coordinating committee consisted of two Co-Chairs, a financial officer, officer for academic affairs and an internal communications officer. Each of these positions carry two-year terms.

Para. 2. Duties
Duties of Board members are:
Co-Chair one [first year] oversees the activities of the committee, represents the JSN to the IAMCR and to other organisations, appoints task force groups and coordinates liaisons with other groups in the IAMCR.
This person becomes Co-Chair in year two and serves the second year as an advisor to Co-Chair two.
Co-Chair two [takes over in year two] assists Co-Chair one during the first year and takes over Co-Chair one's primary duties in the second year.
Financial officer is responsible for the sound financial condition of JSN in attracting funding to be approved by the Co-Chairs. The financial officer is responsible for membership and managing any and all funds collected by the JSN. Officer for academic affairs is responsible for the organisation of academic activities.
Internal communications officer is responsible for the newsletter editing as well as other forms of communication with and to the membership especially in keeping members up to date with activities concerning IAMCR and research. These responsibilities also include regular maintenance of the ESN web pages.

Para. 3. Elections
Elections will be held every two years, to be conducted via postal or electronic mail with all current members. The elected candidates will be determined by a simple majority of all valid votes submitted by the voting deadline.

Para. 4. Balance
The committee will make every effort, whenever possible and feasible, to maintain gender and regional balance, especially regarding the Co-Chairs posts.

Article VI – Meetings
Meetings will be held during annual conferences of IAMCR or other ESN meetings. There cannot be more than one meeting per year. Special meetings can only be called by Co-Chair One.

Article VII – Amendments
These by-laws can be amended at any time by two thirds vote of those physically present at the annual meeting or, in case of electronic voting, of those submitting votes via e-mail by the voting deadline.
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