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The Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

Protecting Agricultural Workers and Handlers

The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is an EPA-administered regulation. It aims to reduce the risk of pesticide poisonings among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers.

  • The WPS offers protections to approximately 2.5 million agricultural workers (people involved in the production of agricultural plants) and pesticide handlers (people who mix, load, or apply pesticides) who work at over 600,000 agricultural establishments.
  • These establishments include farms, nurseries, forests, and greenhouses.
  • The WPS contains requirements for:
    • pesticide safety training,
    • notification of pesticide applications,
    • use of personal protective equipment,
    • restricted-entry intervals after pesticide application,
    • decontamination supplies,
    • and emergency medical assistance.

If you use pesticides in the course of your business as an employer of agricultural workers or pesticide handlers, learn how to comply with the WPS.

You can also use our site to learn more about worker training required to comply with WPS.

CEPEP has developed a photo novella on Spanish and English on preventing take-home exposure for pesticides residues. Please check it out and send us your comments, or if you want some for distribution, let us know how many you need.

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