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Pesticide applicators should have a copy of the Pesticide Label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on record for each pesticide applied on the job. Safety data sheets were formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Pesticide Labels

Certified pesticide applicators must know what information is found on the pesticide label as it is a legal document. It contains information on how, when, and where the pesticide can be used. It lists hazards to humans and domestic animals, and also lists any environmental hazards. An applicator MUST have the product label in their possession during an application.

Safety Data Sheets

For every pesticide there is also a document known as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The SDS contains information on the hazard from fire and explosion, health hazard data, reactivity data, and procedures required for environmental protection. The SDS also contains information on actions to take in case of a spill or leak.

Label and SDS Resources


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