2004 Potato Disease Research Reports


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        Potato-Early Blight Fungicide Trials

o       Protocol and Tabular Data

o       Percent Infection Graphs

o       Area Under the Disease Progress Curve Graphs


        SLV Late Blight Forecasting Data

o       Late blight fry severity units (Blanca and Hooper,2001-2003)


        Seed Piece Treatment Trials for Control of Rhizoctonia

o       Maxim seed piece treatments

o       Moncut and Headline seed piece treatments


        Aphid Insecticide Trials


        Powdery Scab Trials

o       Powdery Scab Fungicide Trial (Off-station, SLV, CO)

o       Powdery Scab Advanced Clone Trial (Off-station, SLV, CO)

o       Powdery Scab Omega Chemigation Trial

o       Powdery Scab Soil Temperature Readings (2004)

o       PCR Detection of Spongospora subterranea from Asymptomatic Tubers


        Pink Rot Trials

o       Pink Rot Ridomil Gold Fungicide Trial

o       Pink Rot Fungicide Evaluation Trial

o       Pink Rot Ranman Fungicide Trial