Colorado State University Journal of Student Affairs

Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation


Manuscript should be written for the Student Affairs generalist who has broad responsibility for educational leadership, policy, staff development, and management. Articles with specialized topics, such as harassment, should be written to provide the generalist with an understanding of the importance of the program area to Student Affairs; such an article should not take the form of a program specialist writing to a program specialist.

The Editorial Board invites submissions of the following types of articles:

Research articles for the Journal should stress the underlying issues or problem that stimulated the research. Treat the methodology concisely; and most importantly, offer a full discussion of the results, implications, and conclusions.


Manuscripts should not exceed 3,000 words (approximately 12 pages of double-spaced, typewritten copy, including references, tables, and figures), and should not be fewer than 1,000 words (approximately four pages). Exceptions should be discussed with the editors prior to submission.

To submit an article:

Prepare the manuscript, including title page and reference page, in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fourth Edition.

2. Send the original the manuscript to the address listed for the editorial board.

3. Include an article abstract and brief description of the author.

Double-space all portions of the manuscript, including references, tables, and figures.

Avoid sexist terminology; refer to page 50 of the Publication Manual for assistance.

6. Do not use footnotes; incorporate the information into the text.

7. Use the active voice as much as possible.

8. Check subject/verb agreement, singular/plural.

9. Use verb tense appropriately: past tense for the literature review and description of procedures, and present tense for the results and discussion.

Proofread and double check all references/citations before submitting your manuscript.

11. Save your article in Rich Text Format (.rtf), IBM versions, whenever possible.

  1. Authors will be provided with a 3.5" disk on which to type their article; this disk should be submitted with your final copy.

13. Any article under consideration for publication in a nationally distributed journal may not be submitted to the Colorado State Journal of Student Affairs.