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Aging Clinic of the Rockies


General Mental Health Services and Psychotherapy

Aging is a complex phenomenon, and at times can include coexisting physical and mental disorders.  Although many present to their primary care physician for treatment, most primary medical settings are designed to treat people with biologically based interventions.  Due to time constraints, physicians and other medical providers may not always be able to address the myriad of psychological concerns that may be either a direct result of the physical disorder or a pre-existing way of coping that has become more magnified as a result of the aging process.  The Aging Clinic of the Rockies stands ready to provide services that address the psychological needs of older adults.  We believe that our Client-Centered Care Model is a holistic approach that adds to the quality of life of our clients.

Caregiver Support Program

The Aging Clinic of the Rockies is proud to offer specialized services in the form of individual counseling to family caregivers of older adults. Thanks to our partnership with the Larimer County Office on Aging, with funding primarily through the Older Americans Act, we are able to offer up to 8 counseling sessions AT NO COST to clients.  To qualify, caregivers must be caring for an adult age 60 and older; in the case of early-onset dementia there is no minimum age requirement.  The caregiver does not need to live with the care recipient, but the recipient may not be living in an assisted living or long-term care facility.  Should caregiver clients desire to continue counseling past 8 sessions, fees for additional sessions will be based on the Psychological Services Center sliding scale fee structure. 



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