Executive Summary

The National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety (NCVECS), at Colorado State University, was established in 1976 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). NCVECS was originally established to assist states across the nation in developing their vehicle emissions control programs. The Center's research and training efforts have grown beyond the original EPA mandate.

The research and testing activities at the Center are diverse. They include conducting the EPA's National Tampering Survey since 1984, laboratory research on alternative fuels and conversion kits, after-market devices, and other emissions-related research.

Training activities are also expanding to include a more diverse audience as well as additional topic areas. The following is a partial list of the topics covered in in NCVECS training workshops: tampering detection and emissions, alternative fuels, quality assurance and quality control in Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) programs, and automotive testing equipment.

The annual Mobile Sources/Clean Air Conference hosted by NCVECS has become a premier gathering of individuals involved in Inspection/Maintenance, industry, government, and education. The conference attracts individuals from around the United States in addition to the international community.

NCVECS personnel maintain ties with various academic units on campus by serving on Graduate Committees for various departments, employing student hourly personnel, serving as co-advisor for the Mechanical Engineering Challenge vehicles, and by teaching graduate level courses in the Industrial Sciences Department.

The Center has expanded its research and training efforts to include international markets. Training has occurred in Canada and staff members recently met with officials in Mexico City and Guadalajara regarding technician training and further research projects in various locations throughout Mexico.

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