OBDII Vehicle Readiness Drive Trace Files

Tired of searching manuals, making phone calls, looking on the net for the drive trace you need? Then this CD is for you. NCVECS has compiled all the drive trace information known at this time into one CD. It also includes vehicle preparation information as well as tips to help get that confounded monitor to run the first time. The CD will run on any Windows based system without additional software. It also includes INSTALL and PRINT functions. Hey, it beats lugging around that heavy old book.
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# Drive Trace CD........$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)
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Training and Reference Materials

Understanding Transient Testing and the Challenges to the Automotive Service Industry

This reference manual is used to communicate essential elements of transient testing (FTP, I/M 240, ASM, etc.). It explores mass vs. raw concentration measurement techniques, as well as, modal analysis as a vehicle diagnostic tool.

"A must reference manual for I/M instructors."

# Transient Tests....................$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

Catalytic Converters: Operation and Functional Diagnosis Manual

This training manual explores the catalytic converter, how it operates, the different types of catalyst systems and their design. It takes a non-technical approach to identifying malfunctioning converters utilizing the delta T measurement, intrusive/four gas analysis, CO2 maximization technique, and "mass" readings.

"Essential to fixing many I/M 240 failures."

# Catalytic Converters: Operation and Functional Diagnosis....................$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

Underhood Emissions Labels (1981-1993, 1994-1997 revision and 1998 and newer)

The ability of an inspector, compliance officer or repair technician to read and understand the underhood emissions label is paramount to good, effective and appropriate inspections and repairs. This updated manual provides the decoded information necessary to achieve the previous objectives. In addition; the information in the labels was significantly revised beginning with the 1994 model year and revised again in 1998. This NEW information is included in the manual. Please note: The 1994-1997 and 1998 and newer information is not included in the video featured later on this page.

# Underhood Labels Manual...................#29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

Procedures for Obtaining Replacement Underhood Emissions Labels

Technicians are increasingly referring to the Vehicle Emissions Control Information Label to determine appropriate emissions control components and relevant information. Missing or damaged labels impede emissions testing, following proper adjustment instructions, and/or good diagnostic information and vehicle repair. This reference manual also provides relevant information necessary for obtaining and replacing vehicle emission control labels when required.

"A must for I/M referee facilities, auto emissions instructors, and autobody repair instructors!"

# Replacement Labels - Manual...................$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

Instructor Reference Material: Various State Vehicle Emissions Test Reports and Vehicle Emissions Data - January, 1997

This reference manual contains I/M 240 and ASM inspection reports and second-by-second data from the states of Colorado, Arizona, Maryland, California and Wisconsin. It is a great reference manual for emission-related trainers.

# Inst. Ref. Material....................$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

Instructional Video Tapes from NCVECS

Reading Underhood Emissions Labels - Video Tape

This new video tape explains underhood emissions label details. It breaks down label codes and abbreviations. It provides the inspectors with relevant inspection information and assists in the determination of emissions control equipment (15 minutes in length).

"Take the mystery out of reading the 1981 through 1993 labels."

#Label-Video....................$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

Effectiveness of EGR, AIS, and CAT on NOx Reduction - Video Tape

This new video explains the interaction of EGR, AIS, and catalytic converter in reducing NOx at different operational modes (idle, 2500 RPM and cruise/loaded speeds; 17 minutes in length).

"An essential I/M training tool"

#NOx Reduction - Video....................$29.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

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