Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray Counties

The Tri River Area is comprised of four counties (Delta, Mesa, Montrose, and Ouray) and three major rivers (Uncompahgre, Gunnison, and Colorado). There are approximately 160,000 irrigated acres in the TRA. The majority of the population reside in the Uncompahgre and Grand Valleys which contain the three main cities of Grand Junction, Delta, and Montrose.

**Colorado Cottage Food Act** becomes law

In 2012, the Colorado Legislature enacted Senate Bill 12-048 allowing individuals to produce, sell and store certain types of "cottage food" products in an unlicensed home kitchen. Read more about the bill here.

Read the latest newsletter from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding the Colorado Cottage Foods Act here

"Colorado Cottage Foods Act " Fact Sheet here

Please find some new resources on cottage food business development posted to that CSU developed in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. These include:

  1. 1. Cottage Food Producer Checklist for use by food producers, farmers’ market managers, and ServSafe® Manager Training instructors, and
  2. 2. Cottage Food Checklist Guide (instructions for using the Cottage Food Producer Checklist).

 We hope that the checklist will help new food businesses better prepare for direct market sales, as well as help farmers’ market managers organize the required and recommended information from vendors proposing cottage food sales in their markets. In the coming months additional interpretation, guidance and recommendations will be posted to this web site, so check back frequently.

 If you have additions or amendments to these documents, please send them. This is definitely uncharted territory for Colorado!

Major Program Areas and Educational Activities include but not limited to:

Family and Consumer Science

  • Workshops on food safety and food preservation
  • Expertise on radon testing and indoor air quality issues
  • Nutrition and health promotion programs
  • Budgeting and financial management classes
Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Expertise regarding crop production and assistance in field corn, alfalfa, irrigated pastures and grass hay, pinto beans, onions, sweet corn and silage corn.
  • Livestock and rangeland management
  • Noxious weed management and control
  • Public Land Issues
  • Insect and plant disease diagnosis
  • Master Gardener program
  • Workshops for 'Green Industry Professionals' and backyard gardeners
  • Expertise regarding sod farms, pesticide application, commercial nursery production, greenhouse crop production and vegetable crops.
  • Soil and water testing for soluble salts and related soils information.
Water Quality
  • Issues concerning dairies, selenium, and coal-bed methane.
4-H Youth Development
  • Active programs in all four counties with 1109 4H members and 370 volunteer adult leaders

The Western Region Colorado Extension provides additional links to programs and information including:

  • 4-H Youth
  • Agriculture/Natural Resources
  • Family and Consumer Education
  • Gardening & Horticulture


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Plant Diagnostics
Plant Problems? Bring us a fresh sample! If you have any gardening questions, just give us a call for more details at your local office. In Delta, 874-2195; in Montrose at 249-3935 or in Grand Jct at 244-1836. Open Monday-Friday
8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Lid Testing
Bring in your dial gauge lid to test for only $10 per lid! Give us a call for more details!
Bees Swarming?
Don't hurt the bees, you can call Western Colorado Beekeepers Association who can safely remove the bees! Call them at (970) 812-0080

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