Water Resources Management

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension works with water purveyors, agricultural producers, urban water users, research institutions, and policymakers to design and deliver educational programs for total water resources management. Highlights of the programs are:


Stewardship Ethic:

CSU Extension provides programs that seek to instill a stewardship ethic in the citizens of all age groups and support voluntary steps to reduce Non Point Source pollution and protect our natural resources. CSU also takes initiatives to convene stakeholders, facilitate transfer of technology, and provide leadership in the design and implementation of problem solving processes for the resolution of environmental concerns.

stream flow

Water Conservation:

Rated as a high priority program by USBR, EPA, DOE, USDA, and supported by local institutions, water conservation fosters improvements in the efficient use of water and diligent management of water supplies. CSU Extension encourages widespread engagement in water conservation practices in both agricultural and urban area to help achieve greater efficiencies.

Furrow Irrigation

Irrigation Management:

CSU Extension provides educational programs to facilitate the introduction of technologies such as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and micro-irrigations systems for field, horticultural and ornamental crops. Extension collaborates with NRCS, USBR, DWR CSU Experimental Stations and policy makers for the implementation of best management techniques and tools.


Cool, Clear Water
Western Colorado enjoys an abundance of high-quality water from mountain snows. Yet water is a finite resource, stretched ever-more thinly as our population and economy grow. Written by Aung Hla, Irrigation and Water Quality Agent, Tri River Area Cooperative Extension, this publication provides many tools and techniques to conserve and protect this water. Copies are available by contacting Aung.

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