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Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Insurance: A possible Drought Management Tool for Colorado Ranchers

Agriculture production is a financially risky business. Forage losses from drought are common occurrence on Colorado pastures and rangelands. For more information (click here)

Strategies for Beef Cattle Herds During Times of Drought, v2011

This "decision aid" is designed to help cow-calf producers compare the financial consequences of alternative management strategies during times of limited grazing forage, e.g. drought. Read more (click here)

Weather-Related Sales of Livestock

There are provisions in tax law which attempt to cushion producers from consequences of adverse weather-related livestock sales. Read more (click here)

Using Partial Budgeting to Analyze Drought Management Strategies

To minimize financial hardship under drought conditions, partial budgeting is a tool that can be used to compare different management strategies. Read more (click here)

Western Slope Livestock Producers Newsletter

For more information (click here to read newsletter)  

Windrow Grazing Trial in the Tri River Area

Windrow Grazing has been used successfully in Canada, Wyoming, the San Luis valley and Gunnison, Colorado. Windrow grazing involves cutting the forage when it is at the optimal nutrition level and raking it into windrows. Animals are allowed to graze the windrows at a later point. A trial was set up in the fall of 1998 near Hotchkiss, Co on the Campbell Ranch. The test area is a tall fescue grass hay field that had traditionally been harvested in June and August with an additional fall grazing. Information provided by Doug Dean, Area Extension Agent (Livestock and Range).





Various publications such as Caring for Livestock, Horse Health, Market Lamb Handling, Nitrate Poisoning and many more are available at this link.

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