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Weeds are undesirable plants that can become a hazard or nuisance, can cause injury to animals, our environment, or us. The following weeds featured are mainly “annuals”. Annuals are plants that complete their lifecycle in one growing season. They reproduce by seed each year and develop within a few weeks or months. have weak, slender taproots, or few fibrous roots that are easily hand-pulled. Knowing this is key in successfully managing these plants – always control them before they begin to flower. If you don’t, then you’re giving the plant a chance to produce seed and increasing the potential of new seedlings germinating the following year.

There are two types of annuals – summer and winter. Summer annuals begin growth in late spring and complete their lifecycle by late summer. Winter annuals begin growth in the fall or winter and complete their lifecycle the following spring or early summer.

All annual weeds featured on this site are included on the State Noxious Weed List.



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