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Weld County Building Permit Regulations

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The following information is for buildings and structures. The information has been taken directly from Ordinance No. 119-Q. If you are considering putting a mobile or manufactured home on your land, see a complete copy of Ordinance No. 119-Q for additional permitting requirements.

Building Permits for Buildings and Structures Other Than Mobile and Manufactured Homes

No building or structure by this code shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted, or demolished unless a separate building permit for each building or structure has been first obtained from weld County Building Inspection Department (Before any demolition permits are issued, approval must be given by the Weld County Health Department).

A building permit is not required for

Building1. A one story detached accessory building provided that:

*The floor area does not exceed 120 square feet.

*The accessory building is subordinate to the principal building.

*The accessory building is located on the same lot or parcel as the principal building.

*The accessory building is used solely for the storage of lawn and garden tools, play houses, and the shelter of livestock, grain, hay, or poultry.

2. Fences

3. Buildings or structures in the "A" Agricultural zone designed and constructed to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock, or other horticultural products. This structure shall not be a place of human habitation or a place of employment where agricultural products are processed, treated, or packaged, or shall it be a place used by the public. This exemption shall not apply in platted subdivisions or unincorporated towns filed and recorded in the Weld County Clerk and Recorder’s office or on property approved as a Site Specific development Plan as defined by the Weld County Zoning Ordinance.

Such buildings or structures shall meet the following requirements:

*The only utility allowed is electricity. Although the building is structurally exempt from a building permit, an electrical permit and fee is required. (See Section 30.1 of this Code).

*A certificate of Compliance for Agricultural exempt buildings is required to be completed, signed, and filed with the Weld County Planning Department so as to verify setbacks and establish any applicable flood hazard requirements.

4. Re-roofing of single family dwellings and noncommercial detached accessory structures.

5. Residing of structures.

6. Removal of underground fuel storage tanks when:

*Tanks are located on rural, agricultural property that is privately owned and when such tanks have been used only for farming purposes.

*Tanks have less than 1100-gallon capacities.

Building Foundations

All foundations shall be designed by an architect or engineer licensed by the State of Colorado. Additionally, if a site specific soil report is not provided, an "open hole" inspection shall be conducted by an architect or engineer licensed by the State of Colorado.

Addition Foundation

When all of the following conditions are met, an engineered foundation will not be required for additions to a Group R, Division 3 Occupancy.

1. The square footage of the addition does not exceed the square footage of the existing home.

2. The height of the addition does not exceed the height of the existing home.

3. The existing foundation is five or more years and shows no signs of settling or structural damage.

4. The existing foundation shall be the same type and dimensions as existing foundation.

5. The foundation of the existing home does not consist of caissons and grade beams or any other design that would indicate that the original foundation was designed for expansive soil conditions.

Additional Information


Building Official

Weld County Planning Offices

1555 North 17th Avenue

Greeley, CO

(970) 353-6100 ext. 3540

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