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Extension Nutrition Program Classes

Current Classes:

About the classes

Classes involve:
  • Demonstrations and displays
  • Hands-on activities
  • Resource materials and recipes
  • Taste testing
Lessons can include:
  • Making meals from what's on hand and using leftovers

  • Planning nutritious meals

  • Saving money at the grocery store

  • Budgeting your food dollar

  • Safe food preparation and storage

  • Feeding your family

  • Easy, fast meals

Those who may benefit:
  • Individuals or families receiving or who qualify for food stamps

  • Low-income senior citizens

  • Individuals or families receiving any type of public assistance (Housing, TANF, Free/reduced school lunch, etc.)

  • Individuals and families receiving WIC benefits

  • Families with children enrolled in Head Start

  • Pregnant and parenting teens

  • Adult Education participants


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