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Wheathead Armyworm

Wheathead armyworm


Wheathead armyworm is an insect commonly found in low abundance in the margins of wheat fields, feeding on developing grains. The damage in mature kernels looks a lot like that caused by stored grain weevils. The damage potential from these things is great because they feed on the developing seeds. However, wheathead armyworms generally have very good natural controls so we see little damage.

Recently Dr. Frank Peairs crew located this insect south of Lamar in May 28, which were loaded with this pest. He has never seen that many wheathead armyworms in a general sample before. Samples from Baca County were much less infested.

If you decide to survey for wheathead armyworm in your area, the sweepnet is the best way to sample for it. It tends to build up in field margins, which can lead to false alarms if the whole field is not sampled.

There is a short writeup on wheathead armyworm in the Caterpillars in Small Grains fact sheet:

Dr. Frank Peairs treatment choice if threshold is reached would be a low rate of either Mustang or Warrior.



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