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County-wide Activities

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4H Member's Council Purpose

To provide leadership, decision-making and program development experience for the 4-H youth of Adams County. This group may assume or initiate expanded and/or new programs. To design and implement programs and activities based on the interest of the majority of Adams County 4-H youth. To assist as a vital communication link between the youth and each local club and county committee, and the Extension. 

WHO: All registered 4-H members are encouraged to attend County 4-H Members’ Council meetings, participate in programs and serve on committees. The voting delegates of the Council shall be two representatives for each 15 members of each local 4-H club, chosen by the club membership with a maximum of four members per club: one to fifteen members, 2 representatives; sixteen to thirty members, 3 representatives; thirty one or more members, 4 representatives. 

WHEN: Meet monthly. Check Newsletter for details. 

WHERE: Adams County Regional Park. 

Performing Arts Festival

One-act Plays: Develop imagination in portraying a character and developing the ability to work with others while performing, assembling props, costumes, etc. Plays give 4-H members a chance to appear before an audience as well as teach the importance of timing and expression. Best actor and actress awards are given. Best play may go to state competition. Skits: Are short theatrical productions (No longer than 10 minutes). Talent Contest: A place where 4-Hers can demonstrate their personal talents in music (vocal, instrumental, or dance) either solo, duet or with a larger group. Winners may go to state competition. 

WHO: All 4-H members: Talent/skits – 7 and under (non-competitive) Junior (8-10 years old) Intermediate (11-13 years old) Senior (14 years and over) Mixed age groups participate in the age division of the older 4-H’er in the group. Plays – 7 and under (non-competitive) Club (small clubs may opt to combine to present a play) 

WHEN: Early spring. Watch Newsletter to specific date(s). 

WHERE: May vary. Watch Newsletter 

REFERENCES: Play catalogues School and Public libraries 4-H manuals Adams County Extension Office 

Consumer Choices Judging Team

Judging is sometimes referred to as “Decision Making”. In Consumer Choices Judging workshops and contests, 4-Hers are given four simulated situations related to various Consumer and Family Living projects or topics. They are asked to select the one they think is best and give reasons why. Members learn to understand acceptable standards, knowing the alternative and the possible consequences of each alternative. 

WHO: Junior, Intermediate and Senior 4-Hers ages 8-18. 

WHEN: February through the end of June. County workshops usually begin in February. 

WHERE: Workshops are held at various places throughout the county, frequently at the Adams County Regional Park. Contests are held in various counties throughout the state. State Contest is at Colorado State University in Fort Collins in June. Top State winners can go on to a National Event. 

REFERENCES: Judging at Club Meetings Leader’s Guide LT000A Consumer Choices Judging Syllabus (prepared annually) Adams County Extension Office 

Fashion Revue

The Fashion Revue, the first event of the Adams County Fair, offers an opportunity for youth to model the garments they have made in 4-H decorate your duds, clothing, and leathercraft projects. Fashi0on Revue places emphasis on total look. It also provides an opportunity to learn and demonstrate the art of fashion coordination, good grooming and posture. 

WHO: Anyone enrolled in 4-H may model a garment or accessory that has been made in any unit of decorate your duds, knitting, crocheting, clothing, leathercraft or creative stitchery projects. 7 and under (non-competitive) Junior – 8 to 13 years old Senior – 14 to 18 years old Each participant should fill out a script and an information sheet provided by the county, telling something about the garment being modeled and about the 4-H member modeling it. 

WHEN: Usually during the week before the County Fair. Workshops and practice is during the day, the Fashion Revue is in the evening. Members need not attend the practice to participate in the Revue. Senior Champions are eligible to go to State Fair Fashion Revue in August. 

WHERE: Adams County Regional Park 

REFERENCES: 4-H Clothing project manuals and leader’s guides; “It’s Fun to Be A Model” brochure; guides, evaluation sheets and information sheets available at the Adams County Extension Office. County Consumer & Family Living Committee.

Creative Cooks Contest

Creative Cooks Contest is a program where 4-Hers can be creative with meal planning. The 4-Her plans a balanced menu and prepares one of the entrees. They also decorate their table s and se them with one-place setting. The member dresses appropriately for the occasion or theme being simulated. Knowledge of the nutritive value of food and cost of the meal are important. Certain champions are eligible for State Fair competition. 

WHO: All 4-Hers. They need not be enrolled in 4-H foods projects to enter. Members may enter individually, in a team, or with their club. 

WHEN: Usually February. 

WHERE: Watch for announcements in the Newsletter. 

REFERENCES: 4-H Foods manuals and Leader’s Guides, units 1-9. Rules and regulations available from the Extension Office. County 4-H Consumer and Family Living Committee. 

Demonstration, Illustrated Talks & Speeches

Demonstration and Illustrated Talks Contest An opportunity for the member to simply tell and show people how to do something step-by-step in a clear, concise and practical manner. Demonstrations and illustrated talks develop poise, originality, confidence, initiative and the ability to think, speak and act in the presence of an audience. A demonstration may be given on any 4-H protect or interest area. Winners may go to state competition. Speech Contest Gives 4-Hers an opportunity to verbally express themselves, do research on a top of their choice. Members should select their own topics related to 4-H work. Senior winners may go to state competition held at State 4-H Conference. Impromptu Speech Contest Gives 4-Hers an opportunity to verbally express themselves as well as how to think on their feet. The 4-H members pick a topic the night of the contest and have approximately 10 minutes to prepare a speech. Topics are related to the 4-H program. 

WHO: All 4-H members: Individual members 7 and under (non-competitive) Junior (Ages 8-10) Intermediate (Ages 11-13) Senior (14 and older) Team (two 4-Hers presenting the demonstration) 7 and under (non-competitive) Junior, Intermediate, Senior 

WHEN: February, March or April 

WHERE: Watch for announcement in the Newsletter 

REFERENCES: 4-H Club Demonstration & Illustrated Talks L91002 County Extension Office

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