Denver Master Gardener Program

Denver Master Gardeners

The Colorado Master Gardener Program is a community-based, horticulture training and volunteer program through CSU Extension.  After completing in-depth training, Master Gardeners help the gardening public solve their horticulture-related problems with scientific, research-based knowledge, while providing meaningful outreach.  Currently, there are 125 active Master Gardeners in Denver who engage in over 40 different volunteer projects.  Denver Master Gardeners Denver Master Gardenerscontribute approximately 5,000 volunteer hours and answer about 7,000 gardening questions, annually. 

If you live in Denver and love gardening and volunteering, consider becoming a Denver Master Gardener!  Applications for the Denver Master Gardener Program are accepted mid-September through mid-October for the following spring.  If interested, contact Merrill Kingsbury at 720-913-5270 or

Statewide, the Colorado Master Gardener Program serves over 30 counties or areas in Colorado and is highly successful.  Every year, over 1,300 active Master Gardeners donate 59,000 volunteer hours, which is valued at over $1.3 million! 


Download free Master Gardener training materials with in-depth coverage of various gardening topics.