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Erianthus ravennae Hardy plume grass(10173 bytes) hardy plume grass (5682 bytes)    Erianthus ravennaeHardy plume grass – (Poaceae). Hardy Plume Grass has an upright to open habit with large, white plumed flowers. Flowers appear in fall from late September to late October. Because of its large size it is very effective as a specimen plant or screen. It forms large clumps up to about five feet in diameter. It is often used as a substitute for pampas grass in northern growing areas. The stems are weaker than pampas grass and have a tendency to break in high winds. It performs best in as sunny site in moist, well-drained soils.
Calamagrostis x - Acutaflora stricta - Feather reed grass (11092 bytes) Calamagrostis x - Acutiflora stricta - Feather reed grass - Grows to 4'.  Blooms develop in late June, pinkish turning to golden brown in mid-summer. Dried flowers give great summer, fall and winter effect.
Bouteloua gracilis - Blue grama grass (10924 bytes) Bouteloua gracilis - Blue grama grass - This warm season grass, native to the High Plains, is very drought tolerant. It is a low-growing bunch grass, (1-1 1/2 ft. with the seed heads) that is part sod-forming & can be grown as a tight turf. The blades are thin, so the texture of this grass is very fine. Easy to establish, cold hardy, pest and disease free, tolerant of poor soil.
big bluestem grass (16589 bytes) Andropogon gerardii  'Pawnee' - big blue stem - foliage 10-15" high. Flower heads reach 5-6' by September. Seed head resembles a turkey foot. Upright clump former; spreads by rhizomes. Gray-green foliage; light red fall color. Prefers sun and well drained soil. Divide in spring.
Miscanthus sinensis ssp.purpurascens - purple silver grass (11820 bytes)  

Miscanthus sinensis ssp.purpurascens - purple silver grass - Reddish-bronze flowers in fall, beginning in September. Grows 3 to 4 feet tall, with green to reddish-purple foliage. This plant will adapt to many soil types but does prefer full sun.


Molinia caeralea ssp. arundinacea 'Windspiel' - purple moor grass (14847 bytes)  


Molinia caeralea ssp. arundinacea 'Windspiel' - purple moor grass - Purple Moor Grass has a neat mound habit of bright green foliage. The foliage will reach a height of about 18-24 inches with the real drama coming with the flowers. The variety 'Skyracer' sends up flower stalks 5-8 feet high well above the foliage. The flower stalks tend to fan out a little from the center. Flowering occurs from June- October. Purple Moor Grass thrives in full sun or very light shade and prefers well-drained sites.



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Photographs courtesy of Judy Sedbrook.

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