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Scabiosa columbaria, pincushion flower (36107 bytes) Scabiosa columbariaPincushion flower(Dipsacaceae). Produce mainly basal leaves and blue, white or pink flowerheads with domed, pincushion-like central florets and larger florets on the margins.
Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ – Autumn Joy stonecrop (141659 bytes) Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’Autumn Joy stonecrop(Crassulaceae incl. Sempervivum). Succulents perennials producing star-shaped, 5 petaled flowers. Autumn Joy produces a bushy clump of stalks with mid-green, leaves. Bears flat corymbs of pink to pinkish bronze flowers.
Salvia argentea – Silver sage (118062 bytes) Salvia argenteaSilver sage(Lamiaceae). Grown for the rosettes of silver-wooly leaves. Produces a branched, flower stalk with 2-lipped, white flowers.
Rhamnus frangula, smooth buckhorn (26594 bytes) Rhamnus frangulaSmooth buckthorn(Rhamnaceae). A more genteel small tree (15 feet) of the buckthorn family than weedy common buckthorn, R. cathartica. Green fruit turns red then black in fall. Bark is smooth and gray. Has attractive, glossy-green leaves.
Veronica spicata ‘Goodness Grows’, spike speedwell (38380 bytes) Veronica spicata ‘Goodness Grows’Spike speedwell(Scrophulariaceae). Spiked speedwell forms a mat of leaves with erect racemes of star-shaped, 4-5 lobed bright blue flowers with long purple stamens and only 2 functional ones. Goodness Grows bears dark blue flowers all summer on 12-16 inch plants.
Viola sp. – violets  (69895 bytes)   Viola sp.violets – (Violaceae).
Verbascum phoenecium – Purple mullein (22020 bytes) Verbascum phoeneciumPurple mullein(Scrophulariaceae). Short, 18 inch stalks of white, pink or violet flowers.
Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' (71633 bytes) Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue'. This plant was chosen Perennial Plant of the Year in 1993.
Achillea – White yarrow (38683 bytes) Achillea White yarrow – (Asteraceae).
Solidago ‘Golden Baby’ – Golden baby goldenrod  (24200 bytes) Solidago ‘Golden Baby’Golden baby goldenrod – (Asteraceae). Goldenrod does not cause hayfever, ragweeds (Ambrosia sp.) do. Golden Baby is a compact dwarf with mid-green leaves growing to 24 inches.
Achillea – Colorado yarrow (73928 bytes) Achillea Colorado yarrow – (Asteraceae).
Stachys byzantina. – Lamb's ears (68862 bytes) Stachys byzantina.Lamb's ears – (Lamiaceae). Grown for the mat of densely white, wooly rosettes of leaves.

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Photographs courtesy of Carl Wilson and Judy Sedbrook.

Plant list provided courtesy of Greg Foreman, Lakewood Parks and Recreation.

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