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catmint.jpg (30531 bytes) Nepeta x faasseniiNepeta or catmint(Lamiaceae). Aromatic leaves borne in opposite pairs, often hairy producing a gray-green color. Bear tubular, 2-lipped flowers in white and shades of blue-purple.
Osteospermum ‘Lavender Mist’ – Lavender Mist sun daisy (6692 bytes) Osteospermum ‘Lavender Mist’Lavender Mist sun daisy – (Asteraceae). Alternate, linear leaves with white, yellow or pink daisy-like flowers, sometimes with disk flowers of contrasting color. These were warm climate zone plants traditionally grown as annuals and only recently have cold tolerant perennial types been introduced in our area.
Penstemon 'Red rocks', ‘Pikes Peak Purple’, ‘Rondo’, ‘Rocky Mountain’ – Penstemon cultivars (33146 bytes) Penstemon 'Red rocks', ‘Pikes Peak Purple’, ‘Rondo’, ‘Rocky Mountain’Penstemon cultivars(Scrophulariaceae-figwort family. "Scrophs" include Digitalis, Verbascum, Linaria, Antirrhinum, Veronica, Diascia and Bacopa). Penstemons have opposite linear leaves, racemes of tubular-funnel or tubular-bell shaped flowers which are 2 lipped – upper is usually 2 lobed and bottom 3-lobed.
Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) (42484 bytes) Perovskia atriplicifoliaRussian sage(Lamiaceae). From Asia, have opposite, deeply divided, gray-green leaves. Bear panicles of small, tubular, 2-lipped blue flowers.
Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’ – Powis Castle wormwood (124968 bytes) Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’Powis Castle wormwood(Asteraceae). Artemesias are mainly grown for the gray or silver leaves. They can be invasive so chose carefully.
blackeyedsusan.jpg (46882 bytes) Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’Goldsturm Black-eyed Susan(Asteraceae – aster family includes Centaurea, Echinops, Chrysanthemum, Liatrus, Coreopsis, Erigeron, Gazania, Dahlia). B.E. Susans have alternate, simple, prominently veined leaves with teeth near tips. Daisy-like flowers with reflexed ray florets. The variety sullivantii is found from Michigan to Connecticut and south to West Virginia and Missouri. Goldsturm cultivar has shorter stems and larger flowers than the species. This plant was chosen Perennial Plant of the Year in 1999.
RavennaGrass.jpg (43006 bytes) Erianthus ravennaeHardy plume grass – (Poaceae). The pampas grass of the north.
RoseCampion.jpg (48877 bytes) Lychnis coronariaRose campion(Caryophyllaceae family including Gypsophila). Erect, branched plants with opposite, often hairy leaves. Bear 5-petaled, tubular or star shaped flowers in scarlet, purple, pink, white and scarlet flowers. Rose campion bears purple-red flowers with 2-lobed petals.
Saponaria ocymoides – Rock soapwort (26499 bytes) Saponaria ocymoides Rock soapwort – (Caryophyllaceae includes Lychnis and Silene). A mat-forming perennial that bears cymes of pink flowers in summer.
Stachys lantana cv. – Betony (71726 bytes) Stachys lantana cv.Betony – (Lamiaceae). Grown for the mat of densely white, wooly rosettes of leaves.
daylily9.jpg (108065 bytes) Hemerocallis cv.daylily(Liliaceae, lily family includes Allium, Fritillaria, Hosta, Tulipa). Workhorses of the sunny summer garden. Most tend to bear some orange tint even the red or purple types.

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Photographs courtesy of Carl Wilson and Judy Sedbrook.

Plant list provided courtesy of Greg Foreman, Lakewood Parks and Recreation.

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