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Knautia macedonica  – Knautia (4099 bytes) Knautia macedonica  – Knautia(Dipsicaceae). Scabiosa-like perennial with long-lasting, purple-red flowerheads. Look for the pinnately formed stem leaves to differentiate from Scabiosa.
Amorpha canescens –  Leadplant (23872 bytes) Amorpha canescens  Leadplant (Fabaceae – legumes include Lupinus, Thermopsis). Gray-green, fern-like leaves and protruding violet-blue flower spears. Eastern plains native, xeric.
liatris spicata,spike gayfeather (69161 bytes) Liatrus spicata –  Blazing star or gayfeather(Asteraceae). Linear, mostly basal leaves arranged alternately on stems. Flowers in tight groups open from the top down on racemes (stalked flowers on an unbranched stem). L. spicata bears long-lasting, pink-purple or white flowerheads on dense spikes.
LvndrMunstead.jpg (35506 bytes) Lavandula angustifolia ‘Munstead’–   Munstead lavender(Lamiaceae include Prunella, Lamium, Salvia, Stachys, Monarda, Ajuga, Nepeta, Ocimum, Thymus). Opposite, fragrant leaves and narrow, flower spikes of 2-lipped flowers. Munstead produces blue-purple flowers.
Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina’, Zebrina cheese mallow (24222 bytes) Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina’Zebrina cheese mallow(Malvaceae- Mallow family includes Alcea, Lavatera, Sidalcea, Althaea and Callirhoe). Malvas are from Eurasia. They have 5 petaled flowers in purple, pink, blue and white in clusters in leaf axils or sometimes on terminals. The flower is nestled in distinct bracts. Zebrina has pink-white flowers with purple stripes and grows to 3-4 feet.
Malva moschata, Musk mallow (32337 bytes) Malva moschata Musk mallow (Malvaceae). Erect, 3 ftl perennial with woody base and slightly musk-scented leaves to 4" long. The lower ones heart shaped and upper ones pinnatisect. Bears saucer-shaped, pale pink or white flowers up to 2.5 inches across in clusters in the leaf axils.
Miscanthus sp. – Maiden grasses (125398 bytes) Miscanthus sp.Maiden grasses – (Poaceae).
Aconitum x cammarum ‘Bicolor’ – Two color monkshood (97825 bytes) Aconitum x cammarum ‘Bicolor’Two color monkshood – (Ranunculaceae).
Picea pungens ‘Montgomery’  (116876 bytes) Picea pungens ‘Montgomery’ – Montgomery Colorado spruce (Pinaceae). A slow growing dwarf with silvery-gray leaves and broad, conical habit. 5 ft. high.
Achillea ‘Moonwalker’ – Moonwalker yarrow (64788 bytes) Achillea ‘Moonwalker’ Moonwalker yarrow – (Asteraceae).
Lychnis chalcedonica – Maltese cross (47549 bytes) Lychnis chalcedonicaMaltese cross (Caryophyllaceae). An erect, stiff perennial bearing terminal, rounded, cymes of star-shaped scarlet flowers up to " across with each petal bearing 2 deep notches.

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Photographs courtesy of Carl Wilson and Judy Sedbrook.

Plant list provided courtesy of Greg Foreman, Lakewood Parks and Recreation.

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