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Early to Mid-July

It's time to. . .

  • Fertilize strawberry plants with 21-0-0 fertilizer when the harvest is finished.
  • Side-dress long season crops with 5-10-5 or other balanced fertilizer.
  • Harvest early cabbage varieties before the heads burst open!
  • Pick herbs with sharp scissors in the early morning. Cut them often to promote more growth, and do it before they flower.
  • Water the lawn 2 to 2-1/4 inches per week through this month if the weather is hot and dry.
  • Continue mowing, as needed, to keep the height 2 -1/2 to 3 inches.
  • Check the soil moisture level around recently planted trees and shrubs. Water them thoroughly if the soil is dry.
  • Keep about four inches of mulch around the planting area to hold the moisture.
  • Check the top and outer leaves of trees and shrubs for drought injury: brown or tan scorch on broad leaves and brown needles or dead tips on conifers.
  • Check the bottom and inside leaves for over-watering: faded color between the veins and dropping leaves or needles. CSU Fact sheet 2.932 tells more about drought and over-watering.
  • Cut flowers for indoor bouquets. They’ll keep best if picked in early morning.
  • Keep deadheading to keep the garden neat and flowers blooming.

Mid to Late July

It’s time to. . .

  • Be patient with peppers and tomatoes. When the temperature is over 90o they won’t set fruit.
  • Keep the soil moisture even around tomato plants to prevent the fruit from cracking.
  • Plant beets, bush beans, escarole, kale, collards, lettuce, radish, turnip, chard, and spinach for a fall harvest.
  • Gather herb seeds by tying a piece of cheesecloth over the seed head to catch seeds as they fall.
  • Stop fertilizing perennials.
  • Divide iris that are crowded or did not bloom well. Cut them apart and discard old, large or diseased rhizomes.


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