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Notice of Zoning and Subdivision Requirements for Arapahoe County

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Zoning Requirements

A Quick Synopsis of Zoning in Arapahoe County

All property in unincorporated Arapahoe county that is created after the enactment of Senate Bill No. 35 (1972) must be legally platted or must obtain a subdivision exemption from the board of County Commissioners. This must be done prior to conveyance. Some other requirements for building in Arapahoe County include the following. :

  • If you are in Agriculture Zone A-E (Agricultural), it is required that you have a minimum lot width of 1320 feet in order to obtain a building permit. Another requirement is that you have a minimum of 35 acres to obtain a building permit.

  • For those of you located in Zone A-1, you must have a minimum lot size of 19 acres to obtain a building permit.

  • When you own property in Zone A-2, you must have a minimum size of nine acres to obtain a building permit.

  • If the property you own falls in Zone R-A, you must have a minimum of 105,000 feet (2.4 acres) to obtain a building permit.

A-E (Agricultural)

BuildingThe purpose of this zone is to provide areas of agricultural production. In addition, uses shall have no detrimental effects on soil stability or ground water supplies and shall not change the runoff or drainage characteristics of said land.

Some of the principle permitted uses include the following:

  1. Agricultural or ranch use

  2. Single family dwelling units

  3. Manufactured homes

  4. Public or private riding stables or academy.

Accessory uses include using your home as an office and keeping an unlimited number of pets located on the premises.

There are special exception uses which can include the following:

  1. Commercial feedlots and kennel or animal hospitals.

  2. You can obtain a special permit to mine minerals.

  3. Quasi-public use or a type B group home.

There are other size restrictions including a minimum lot size width of 1320 feet and lot size of 35 acres. All commercial feed lots shall be set back at least of 200 feet from all of the property lines.

A-1 (Agricultural)

The purpose of this is to provide and foster agricultural and farming production within the unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County. There is no limitation on farm animals. Some of the principal permitted uses include the following:

  1. Agricultural and ranch use.

  2. Single-family dwelling.

  3. Manufactured homes

  4. Public or private riding stable or academy.

Arapahoe County also allows some of the following accessory uses:

  1. Offices

  2. Home occupation

  3. Allowing you to keep up to four pets per household.

There are limitations of 50 feet for all building heights and a minimum lot width of 330 feet on 19 acres.

R-A (Residential-Agricultural)

This zone is to provide for non-commercial agricultural activities and smaller density residential development within the unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County. Some of the principle permitted uses include single-family dwelling units and non-commercial agricultural activities. For example: raising rabbits, chickens, geese or other small animals. Accessory uses include the following:

  1. Not keeping more than one

Agricultural animal (ex. Horse, cow, and goats) per acre.

    1. You are allowed to have a private stable on the back of your property but not closer than 25 feet to property lines nor closer than 50 feet to any dwelling unit.

    2. Third, there is a limitation of four pets that you can own per household.

    3. The maximum building height is 35 feet.

    4. The minimum lot width is 125 feet.

    5. The area in size must be a minimum of 105,000 sq. feet.

Fencing Regulations

Arapahoe County also has strict requirements for building fences. First of all, you will need a permit. Second, your fence can be built out of masonry, ornamental iron, chain link, wood picket, solid or hedges.

The following are requirements for Arapahoe County in order for you to build a fence if you are enclosing any lot more than 15%. First, fences erected in front of any building on a zone lot shall not exceed three feet in height. Side fences can be built with all of the above listed types of material to a height of six feet excluding hedges. There are other restrictions for side fences. They include that it not extend past the lot’s front building line, whichever is closet to the rear lot line. No barbed wire or electrically charged fence shall be erected or maintained except on land zoned A-E, A-1, A-2, R-A, B-3, B-4, I-1, or I-2. On corner lots, no fence or retaining wall shall be erected or maintained which obstructs the vision of automobile traffic on the adjacent streets or driveways. A licensed structural engineer shall design retaining walls exceeding a height of three feet six inches for the finished grade on the low side of the wall. Plans that are submitted for a fence permit should show the seal of such engineer.

Home Occupation Regulations

The purpose of this regulation is to allow for the use of a residence for an occupation that does not change the character of the neighborhood in which it is located.

  1. The home occupation must be conducted entirely within the principle dwelling structure.

  2. Not more than 20% of the garage area shall be used for storage of permitted materials and goods associated with the home occupation.

  3. Only the residents of the principle dwelling shall conduct the home occupation.

  4. You cannot show any visible advertising of the home occupation on the premises upon which it is located.

  5. It is not permissible to store goods or material associated with the home occupation outdoors.

  6. It is not allowed to have excessive noise, vibration, smoke, dust odors, heat, glare on light, or dumping of materials from the house.

All single family residences shall have a plan submitted for a building permit that address the following; Soil reports, Site plan, foundations plans, constructions plans and a Certificate of Sewer Availability.


All sheds that are built of 120 sq. feet or less are exempt from the required setbacks of the Arapahoe County regulations.


All decks (without railing) below 30 inches of grade are not required to meet the applicable setbacks and do not require a building permit.

Additional Information

Arapahoe County Building and Zoning Dept.

303-795-4450 or 303-795-4474

fax 303-798-6054


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