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Welcome to CSU Extension in Adams County!

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9755 Henderson Rd. Brighton, CO 80601

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Phone: 303-637-8100

Fax: 303-637-8125

Address: 9755 Henderson Rd. Brighton, CO 80601


Should I Treat My Wheat Seed?

Seed Treatments Strongly Recommended for 2014 Wheat Crop –

Common Bunt (Stinking Smut) became an issue in some wheat growing areas in Eastern Colorado last season.  The fungal disease infects seed at germination and the infection becomes systemic resulting in wheat seed produced that has poor quality.  In some cases, smut infected wheat was not marketable.  Characteristics include a strong fish odor in grain with darkened kernels. More...

Food Preservation

Food Safety, Garden to Table Workshops and Resources

Front Range Colorado Cottage Food Vendor trainings and other food preservations trainings


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